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You have a great offer? Wanna share it on HelperBus?

We always welcome you to share offers which we’ve missed to publish. We’ll also include your name as the sharer of the offer when we’ll publish it. But you must follow the rules of submitting an offer on HelperBus.


  • Offer must be valid.
  • Share your offer only after testing.
  • Offer must be original & not be copied from other websites.
  • We don’t give money or pay the sharer.

If you agree with the above rules and want to share your offer with us, simply enter all the required details about your offer in the form below and hit submit button.

Thank you so much for sharing your offer on HelperBus! We will try to publish your offer as soon as possible. You’ll get an email from us when your offer will be published on HelperBus.

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