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Thanks for your eagerness to know about us.

Actually, still now, I am the only person behind this website. But I want to add some authors to my blog in future. That’s why, I named this page “About Us”.

Well, in this page I am going to give you a small introduction to me and my blog.

A Quick Introduction To Me

Shibam Kar

My name is Shibam Kar. I am an 18 years old simple & tall boy, born at Tufanganj, a small town of West Bengal, India. Currently, I am completing my Graduation degree on Bengali Honours at Tufanganj Mahavidyalaya.

The Story Of Making My First Website

I got to know about the “internet” when I was in 5th standard. Just from then, I found the word very interesting. I was a fan of internet even without using it. Then, there was no internet cafes in our town. And my father’s phone was Nokia 1100 (black & white phone) which is still working in 2017. So, technically, there was no way for me to access internet.

I was in 8th standard, when my mother bought a phone. The special thing about that phone (ZEN X400i – still working) was it had neither camera nor a big screen, but it had a internet browser. I tried to open internet in it but in vain.

Some months latter, after customizing various internet settings, I entered into the world of internet for first time. I can still remember that day. I was very happy and even I taken the phone with me in the bathroom to enjoy internet when I was exhausting.

I got to know about various websites and it was the time when the dream of making a website entered in my mind. Then I was in 9th standard. I went to city’s newly opened internet cafe and searched a lot about making own website. I found some websites where I can make own website with address like mysite.motherwebsite.com (sub-domain). But I was not happy with sub-domains. After that, I stopped searching about making own website.

In 11th standard, I bought my own phone which was a second-hand set and started searching about making websites again. This time I got success and created my first website and you are currently on it.

How was my story? You liked it? Don’t forget to share your views about my story in the comment section below!

About HelperBus.Com

HelperBus is a popular Indian money saving blog, containing various free recharge tricks, shopping deals, cashback offers, latest technology news, promo codes, freebies etc. We started in 28th September 2015. And from then we’ve saved thousands of money of our visitors by providing them products at cheapest price, discount coupons and giving them the information about flash sales.

We provide various latest offers in our website on hourly basis. So, If you regularly check our site, then you’ll never miss a offer.

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