GBWhatsapp Apk – Use Locked Features Of Whatsapp & Make Your Friends Open Their Eyes [Must Watch]

GB Whatsapp APK Latest Version Download:- Hello friends, I’m here with the brand new version of GB Whatsapp 2017. I think many of you have already heard about Whatsapp GB APK which is a mod version of today’s most used messaging platform Whatsapp. The original Whatsapp has some limit to use. But you can cross those limits easily by using GB Whatsapp apk. So, in this article I’m going to share GBWhatsapp download links, it’s benifits, latest version and many more details about GBWhatsapp apk 2016 & 2017 version. (Download GBWhatsapp apk)

Download GBWhatsapp Apk

You may wondering that there are other mods also. Then why use GB Whatsapp? The answer is YES! There are a lots of other Whatsapp mods available in the internet. But the problem is most of them includes dangerous virus and malware which can easily steal your personal details from your phone. The other reason is after launching, they are not updated over year. So, actually they are out of date and may un-support today’s latest operating system versions. Download GBWhatsapp apk now.

Download GBWhatsapp Apk 2017 Latest Version

On the other hand, onhax GBWhatsapp onhax always has the latest update. That means the maker of this app, update this very frequently according to user’s needs and latest OS changes. You can also find new features on GBWhatsapp download latest version. So, it’s always better to use this app instead of other malicious Whatsapp mods which can harm your device.

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Till the middle of 2016, Whatsapp GB Plus was the most used mod version of Whatsapp. But now, in 2017 latest version which I’m providing here, has more power and feature than the old GB Whatsapp Plus apk. Many peoples are also searching for “Whatsapp GB Free Download apk” but they are getting the older versions. As I told you above, developer of this app updates this app frequently. So, you need latest GB Whatsapp download link each time you update it. But don’t worry! Just bookmark this page and you’ll get the latest version each time developer updates this app.

The other advantages of GB mods are, you can use various advanced feature of Whatsapp even without rooting your device. No root is required to use this app and cross the limit of Whatsapp. You can enjoy this Whatsapp mod on your non-rooted device also. So, there is no risk of damage of your loved device. There are also some GB Whatsapp Themes available to decorate this app. But we will talk about them in another article. So, download GB Whatsapp apk and start crossing the limits of Whatsapp.

GBWhatsapp Download APK Features

GBWhatsapp Plus and latest version has more facility to cross the limits. You can use more advanced features of Whatsapp. You may ask, why GBWhatsapp apk download? But I’m sure. After watching all the features of this mod. You’ll say “why not?”. There is everything in this app. You can just give a shock to your Whatsapp friends by showing them some advanced tricks which will look like magic for them. Below, you can see the huge list of GBWhatsapp apk features:-

  • Hide Last Seen.
  • Hide Second Tick.
  • Hide Blue Color Tick.
  • Video Calling Option.
  • 35 Characters Long Group Name.
  • Bugs Fixed For Video Sending.
  • Copy Statuses Of Other Friends.
  • Send Broadcast Message Upto 600 Persons.
  • Upto 255 Characters Status Update.
  • Supports Hundreds Of Languages.
  • Apply Various GB Whatsapp Themes.
  • No Fear Of Whatsapp Ban.
  • Can Be Used With Official Whatsapp.
  • Whatsapp Theme Creation & Submit Facility.
  • Send Upto 90 Pictures In Just 1 Tap.
  • Copy Selected Whatsapp Texts.
  • Whatsapp Lock Feature.
  • Changable App & Notification Icon.
There are also some other features of GBWhatsapp Apk which you can find after downloading and installing it. As you can see there will be no issue of Whatsapp ban. So, you can use this app without taking any risk of getting banned and cross the limit of original Whatsapp.

GBWhatsapp Free Download For Android Devices

GB Whatsapp for Android is basically made for those users who want to use advance features of Whatsapp using their Android OS operated devices. Here I’m sharing the link for GB Whatsapp download for Android phones and tablets. (Whatsapp GB for Android).

Download GBWhatsapp Apk

Clicking on the above button, you can easily download Whatsapp GB for Android devices. Now it’s one install away from you to cross the limit and give a shock to your Whatsapp friends!!

Download GB Whatsapp For Windows Phone

Many Windows users are searching for the GBWhatsapp for Windows phone. But, I’m sorry to say that, this developer is just planning to launch Whatsapp GB for Windows phone. So, it’s currently unavailable. But don’t worry. Just subscribe to our blog by giving your email and we will inform you when it launches.

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Download GBWhatsapp For iPhone

Here again I’ve to say sorry because GBWhatsapp iPhone app hasn’t been created yet. So, if you are a IOS user, then you also have to wait for some time to get GBWhatsapp for iPhone and iPad.

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How To Install GBWhatsapp?

You may want to know that after Whatsapp GB apk download, how to install GBWhatsapp for android? The process is very easy. You can install GBWhatsapp just like other ordinary android apps. However, you can follow the simple steps given below to install GBWhatsapp app into your android Phone or Tablet:-

  • Take your android device.
  • Download GBWhatsapp apk from the above link.
  • Now, navigate to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources (Tick here).
  • Find out the downloaded GBWhatsapp apk file.
  • Install GBWhatsapp and open the app.
  • Enter your country and phone number.
  • Verify it via one time password sent to your number.
  • That’s it. Now You can easily cross the limits using GBWhatsapp.

Get Wonderful GB Whatsapp Themes Pack

Now after installing the app, if you want to decorate this tricky app, you can easily apply various GB Whatsapp Themes. To find GB Whatsapp Themes go to this link. This website is offering various GB Whatsapp Themes for free. Just download them and apply to the app. And you will soon get an awesome interface with beautiful skins and wallpapers.

Hope this article will help you to download GBWhatsapp apk 2017 in your android phone easily. Now, enter to a new world of Whatsapp using GBWhatsapp. If you have any other question regarding Whatsapp GB download latest version or Whatsapp GB free download apk, then please leave it to the comment box below. And don’t forget to subscribe our blog to get latest updates for free.

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