How To Create Whatsapp Group Invitation Links To Add Members By Sharing Invite Links?

How To Create Whatsapp Group Invitation Link:- Now Whatsapp is the most crowded messenger around the globe. Just after releasing, huge people have started using this great messenger. The another facility of this app is, you can create a group where you can chat with all members of the group. Whatsapp groups are also a great place to share funny images or videos. You can also share audio files in Whatsapp groups. But do you know? You can create a Whatsapp group join link for your group by which your friends can easily find your group and join it.

How To Create Whatsapp Group Invitation Link

Whatsapp group invite links are the perfect solution to get joiners from various social media like Twitter, Facebook and others. You just have to create whatsapp invite links and share them on social media. When anyone click on that link, he/she directly get your group to join. You may noticed that, some of your known groups are offering Whatsapp group links to join. You can also create them. But before it let’s see how to create a whatsapp group.

Steps To Create Whatsapp Group

  • At first, open Whatsapp on your phone or tablet.
  • Open the chat screen from the app.
  • You can find “New Group” option at the top-right corner.
  • Click on that and add friends to your group from contact.
  • You can also search for friends to add them to your group.
  • Then, add a photo and enter your group name.
  • Finally, click on “Finished” to complete creating Whatsapp group.
Now you may want to add more friends who are not in your contact list. Here you have to add their numbers manually. But you can simply create Whatsapp groups links to join more members without taking their mobile numbers manually. They can easily join the group by clicking on that link.

There are two ways to create a join whatsapp group link. First one is by using GBWhatsapp and the second one is to use WA Prime Whatsapp. You can select any of these two methods to create whatsapp group link join. Let’s see how.

How To Create Whatsapp Group Invitation Link Using GBWhatsapp Apk?

To create Whatsapp group invitation links for your group, follow the simple steps given below:-

1) At first, download GBWhatsapp apk from this link.

2) The uninstall your current Whatsapp.

3) Install GBWhatsapp apk on your mobile.

4) Enter your phone number and verify it via OTP.

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5) Backup your data and hit on next.

6) Choose your Whatsapp Group to create a whatsapp group links to join this group.

7) Now, from here, navigate to Menu > Group Info > Next.

8) Click on + and tap on “Invite Group via Link“.

9) You will get an whatsapp group join link. Start sharing and get more members.

Note:- This whatsapp group join link will work only if the visitor open this using Whatsapp. It’ll not open in normal web browsers. It’s only for Whatsapp. So, joiner need to click on this link and select “Whatsapp” to open this link. Then she/he can join your group without any permission.

How To Create Whatsapp Group Invite Link Using WA Prime Whatsapp?

1) Remove your current Whatsapp from your phone.

2) Download WA Prime Whatsapp from this link.

3) After downloading, install Wa Prime Whatsapp on your phone.

4) Login to your Whatsapp account from this app.

5) Navigate to Group Info > + Add Member Icon > Invite via Link.

6) Copy the link and start sharing it with your social media friends.

Note:- But to use this method, you must be an admin of the group for which you want to create whatsapp group invite links. So, it’s better to use the first method to create whatsapp group invite links for your group.

How To Join Whatsapp Group Without Invitation?

You can use the GBWhatsapp method to join Whatsapp group without invitation. Everybody can easily join your group by just opening that link using Whatsapp. So, you don’t have to approve them manually. Just share your join link and get members to your group.

Pros & Cons Of Whatsapp Group Invitation Link

Like all the benefits, there are also some cons of using whatsapp group invite links to add members to your group.


  • Easy and simple.
  • You don’t have to collect numbers.
  • No need to approve member requests.


  • Anyone can take part in your group and start spamming.
  • Need to open the link using Whatsapp only.
  • Browsers doesn’t support Whatsapp invite links.

How To Solve:- You can anytime edit or delete your whatsapp invite links, so that nobody can be a member using that link. Share the link only with them whom you want to make your group members. If you share your link publicly then spammers can also spam your group.

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Hope this article will help you to create Whatsapp group invitation link to add more members to your Whatsapp group. If you want to ask any other question, then leave it to the comment box below. Don’t forget to subscribe our blog to get latest updates from us.

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