Vodafone Started Offering 4 Times More 4G Data At Same Price!! [Must Read]

Hello Guys, I’m here with a good news for Vodafone 4G prepaid users. Recently, Vodafone has launched new Vodafone 4G Plans where they are providing 4 times more data at really a cheap price. Some days ago, they also launched Vodafone SuperHour Packs where you can get hourly basis unlimited internet and calling plans. We can call this a JioEffect. As Jio had already got more than 72 Million Indian users in just 4 months, every other telecom operators are trying hard to keep their customers. That’s why they has launched new Vodafone 4G Plans 2017.

Vodafone 4G Plans

Prepaid users will get 4X more than the actual data limit for previous Vodafone 4G Plans. So, you don’t have to pay extra. Just pay the same and get 4 times more data. Previously Vodafone was giving just 1GB 4G data at the price of Rs 250. But from now, prepaid users will get 4 times more = 4GB 4G data at same price of Rs 250.

Vodafone has updated all the other most used 4G plans. Currently Vodafone 4X Plan is applicable for Rs 250 plan only. But Vodafone has updated other 4G data plans with additional 4G data. But all the changes are done only for Vodafone prepaid customers. All previous plans are unchanged for postpaid customers.

Vodafone 4G Plans With 4 Times More Data & Additional 4G Data

Plan PriceData Benefits
Rs 150 1GB 4G
Rs 250 4GB 4G
Rs 350 6GB 4G
Rs 450 9GB 4G
Rs 650 13GB 4G
Rs 999 22GB 4G
Rs 1500 35GB 4G

Note:- All the Vodafone 4X Plans listed above are rechargable using digital payment provider apps like Paytm, FreeCharge etc. Plan prices may vary from circle to circle.

How To Activate Vodafone 4G Plans On Your Number?

1) Firstly, you can recharge your number with apps like Paytm, FreeCharge & My Vodafone App. I’m describing FreeCharge method.

2) Go to FreeCharge website here.

3) Login or Signup for a FreeCharge account.

4) Select “Mobile” and enter your Vodafone number.

5) Click on “Prepaid” & select your operator and circle.

6) In amount field, type your desired Vodafone 4X plan’s price.

7) Now complete the payment by using your Credit/Debid card/Net Banking.

8) That’s it. Your number has been successfully recharged with your desired Vodafone 4X plan.

Hope you’re happy to hear about updated Vodafone 4G Plans where you are getting 4 times more data at same price like before. If you want to ask something about Vodafone 4X Plans, please feel free to comment it. Share this article to spread the happiness among your friends.

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