You Can Use Whatsapp Without Internet!! Is It Really True?

Whatsapp Without Internet Hoax ? The answer is NO. Recently, World’s most popular messaging app Whatsapp launched a new feature. Using this new feature, you can really use Whatsapp without internet connection. Few days ago, we needed an working internet connection to use Whatsapp. But now, you can use Whatsapp without internet data plan. In this article, I’m going to tell you how it’s possible.

Whatsapp Without Internet

Use Whatsapp Without Internet Is It True ?

YES again! After updating your Whatsapp to it’s latest version you can also get that feature by which it’ll allow you to use it and send messages even without an internet connection. Not only android users, this feature is available for IOS/iPhone/Apple users also. You just need to update or download the latest version of Whatsapp to begin messaging without internet.

How To Use Whatsapp Without Internet In Android?

1) This feature was available since few months in Android OS.

2) Just update your Whatsapp and send message to any friend.

3) When it get a connection, it’ll automatically send all the messages.

Actually, it’s not new for Android users. Maybe you’ve already seen this feature on Android. But, this feature was not available for IOS users. But they also can take advantage of this feature in the latest version of Whatsapp IOS app which is 2.17.1.

How To Use Whatsapp Without Internet In IOS?

The procedure is same like the above method. Just start using Whatsapp without an internet connection in IOS devices. But the must do thing for IOS users is they must delete some Whatsapp data before using Whatsapp without internet. Because when you send messages without internet, those are saved in your phone storage. So, keep your storage free to use this feature without any errors.

How To Send Message In Whatsapp Without Internet Using ChatSim?

1) At first, buy a ChatSim from Snapdeal here or Amazon here.

2) Using a ChatSim, you can send or receive messages over Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and other messaging apps in 150+ countries for 1 year.

3) Activate your purchased ChatSim with your mobile number.

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4) After activating, you can send unlimited messages, images, audios for 1 year without any internet connection.

Note:- You can also use Hike, WeChat, BBM & other messengers like Line, Kik, Telegram, IMO, QQ, Kakao Talk etc without internet using ChatSim.

Hope this article will help you to use Whatsapp without internet connection. If you’ve any other queries, leave it to comment. Visit our website regularly to get more tech news instantly.

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