Be Aware Of This Reliance Jio Scam Message To Protect Your Personal Information From Hackers

Reliance Jio Scam Message:- From day one after launching Reliance Jio free internet, calling and messages, we can see a verity of Reliance Jio Tricks in various websites on the internet. Some sites are offering trick to remove Jio 1GB data limit and some others are offering Jio extension tricks. But in this huge crowd of Jio tips and tricks, a Reliance Jio scam message is spreading in rocket speed to steal your personal information. This may cause of your account hacks and even your financial loss.

Reliance Jio Scam Message

Reliance Jio Scam Message

These days, many Reliance Jio Scam Message are telling that you can extend Jio 1GB limit by following their instruction. And when people get interest to do so, they are landing on some malicious websites which are asking them to enter their personal details like phone number, email address, address etc. Even some websites are pushing visitors to share that malicious website to Facebook, Whatsapp groups and other social medias.

This way these malicious website links and Reliance Jio Scam Message are spreading in rocket speed among internet users. It can be a cause of hacking people’s bank accounts, social media accounts and other personal data.

One of the most popular fake Jio extension website is:-

This website is offering 10GB 4G data per day till the end of Jio Happy New Year Offer. But you can see in the bottom of the page, this website is not affiliated with Reliance Jio. So, there is no connection between this website and Jio. They also used very small font size and very light color (grey) to hide their impacting terms and conditions from the eyes of it’s visitors.

Reliance Jio Scam Message

So, if you follow their instructions, they will take your personal details like your State, mobile number, email address. And after it they will ask you to share their website to 10 Whatsapp groups. In return you’ll get NOTHING. And they will be successful to get your personal information and to promote their website to 10 Whatsapp groups by making you FOOL.

Reliance Jio Scam Message

Remember that, currently Jio is giving only 1GB of 4G high speed data per day for it’s users. And it’s available till March 2017. Though you can try our Remove Jio 1GB Limit Trick which is completely SAFE and uses only My Jio Old Version Apk which is produced by Jio itself. But PLEASE don’t go with or share those scam website links in social media.

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Hope this article will help you to protect yourself and your friends from Reliance Jio Scam Message. Visit our website regularly to get more spicy tech news like this one.

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