6 Must Know Benefits Of Manufacturing Apple iPhones In India

Some months ago, we heard a rumor that Apple is going to manufacture iPhones in India. And we also heard that, it’s a part of Modi’s “Make In India” initiative. But later, our guesswork was wrong. But this time, Tim Cook is very serious and he really wants to start manufacturing Apple iPhones in India.

Benefits Of Manufacturing Apple iPhones In India

Apple is planning to make it’s first manufacturing factory in Bengaluru soon. As Indian iPhone customers are growing day by day and more Indian people are buying iPhones and iPads these days. And to buy their dream iPhones, people used to wait a lot. So, opening some iPhone stores in India will not be a bad idea for both the extension of Apple’s business and increase the availability of iPhones in India.

6 Benefits Of Manufacturing iPhones In India

#1 Indians Will Be Able to Buy iPhones In A Lot Cheaper Price

High Priced iPhones In India

In India, the price of an iPhone is extremely high. But every Indians wants to buy an iPhone. Everybody loves it and iPhone is a dream of highest number of youths in India. But when an iPhone comes from U.S., for high taxes and import duties, some extra charges combine with it’s real price. So, if Apple started manufacturing iPhones in India, then it will be a lot cheaper than present.

#2 iPhone Will Be Available Everywhere In India

As I told you above, Indians wait for a long time to buy a new model of iPhone. And small shops don’t keep stocks for it’s high price and low sell. But if iPhone begin to be make in India, then it will be available at the most places of India. As well as buyers don’t need to wait for a long time to buy the latest models of iPhones and iPads.

#3 No Need To Wait To Buy An iPhone

iPhones In India

As I told, if apple started making iPhones in India, then every latest models of iPhone will be soon released after launching. Then it will not be imported from foreign countries like US and China. And the bonus is Apple will start setting up their own retail stores accross India. So, you will be able to buy iPhone without giving a single paisa to distributors and shop keepers. Because in the Apple stores, all phones will be directly distributed from the company itself.

#4 iPhone Will Be Shipped To Buyers Address In No-Time

If the availability of iPhone increases, it will also be shipped to buyers address soon. Even, there may be a Apple store in your own city. So, you don’t even need to order iPhone online. You can buy it from offline stores which will be near your house.

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#5 You Don’t Need To Make International Purchases

As till now, India imports iPhone from foreign countries like US and China, the process increases it’s price a lot. So, normally Indian customers tend to buy iPhone from any international markets or e-commerce stores. Because it’s the only way to save some bucks when buying iPhone by sitting at India. But the only problem is when you buy it from international markets, it doesn’t give you any warranty. When iPhone will be made in India, customers will not have to make international purchases.

#6 Apple Will Also Make Profit By Selling iPhone In India

Benefits are not limited only to buyers, Apple will also make some profit. Because, then Apple don’t need to pay for import duties and other taxes. So they will also earn a significant margin of profits by selling India made iPhones.

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