Indian E-Passports With Bio-Metric Features Are Going To Replace Your Traditional Passport Soon In 2017

In Modi’s Digital India initiative, he is trying to make India digital and he wants to make a digital economy in India. So, these days many offline process are going online and day by day India is going digital. This time, as a part of Digital India initiative, Modi is going to launch Digital E-Passports with bio-metric feature in India soon.

E-Passports In India

And just after launching e-passports in India, our traditional passports can be replaced by the e-passports. All the e-passports will contain an electronic chip with bio-metric security features. These features will make an passport completely unduplicable.

We got to know about the e-passports in the Digital India FB Page. There, they has published a post about new e-passport which may be launched soon in 2017. The main advantage of e-passports is it contains a electronic chip and all details which are printed on a passport will be stored on that chip. So, verification of an e-passport will be totally digital. And this way all fake passports will be identified asap.

Features Of E-Passports In India

As I told you above, an electronic chip will be embedded on it. All the details including owner’s bio metric data like fingerprint and iris scan will be stored in that chip. So, all the information about any person can be known by scanning his/her e-passport even without touching it.

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Traditional passports contains a passport size photograph of the owner. But in new e-passports, owner’s photo will be embedded in the chip. And the resolution of that embedded photograph will be high. So, seeing the image, it’ll be very easy to identify the real holder of that e-passport. In below image, you can see a diagram of inspection process of an e-passport.

E-Passports Inspection Process

Currently, more than 50% of nations across the world are using digital passports. This time it will be in India soon. According to reports, ePassports may be launched in 2017. What is your opinion? Are you supporting this? Please share your views in the comment section below.

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