Win OnePlus Phone, Gear, Accessories, T-Shirts And Many More Products At Re 1 Only (I Also Got 2 Prizes)

OnePlus 3T December Dash Contest:- Now you can win OnePlus 3T 128GB and other amazing products like OnePlus Backpack worth Rs 2,999, Never Settle T-Shirt etc at Re.1 only. The big thing is it’s 100% real, I am saying this after trying it myself and I’ve won an OnePlus Power Bank Cover Worth Rs 279 & OnePlus Travel Messenger Bag Worth Rs 2,999  which I got only at Re 1 only. You can see my proof below. So guys, there is no place for thinking. Just follow the procedure and win exciting products at Re 1 only from OnePlus 3T December Dash Sale.

OnePlus 3T December Dash

The prizes are OnePlus 3T 128GB Variable, OnePlus 3T 64GB Variable, OnePlus Backpack, Travel Messenger Bag, OnePlus Dash Charge T-Shirt, Never Settle T-Shirt, Mobile Covers, Premium Screen Guards, Temperred Glass and Headphones. The contest is very easy and you can get at least one product for sure just like I won a Travelling Bag & Power Bank Cover total worth Rs 2,999+279=3,278 at Re 1 Only. Here you can see the PROOF of my order:-

OnePlus 3T December Dash

OnePlus 3T December Dash

OnePlus 3T December Dash

OnePlus 3T December Dash

In the above 4 images, you are seeing my real proof. I have got 1 Oneplus power bank cover worth Rs 279 and a OnePlus Travel Messenger Bag Worth Rs 2,999 which is also great quality bag. Oneplus & Helperbus made me happy.

To give you the real proof, I have placed my 2 prizes in front of my computer screen and you can see HelperBus (The website in which you are reading my article now) in the background of my prizes. I have also shared the screenshoot of successful shipment of the product from OnePlus.

I’m using a basic camera phone. So, the pictures of my prizes are little bit blurry. But you can still see my products and OnePlus logo in my photo.

So, the offer is 100% real and working fine. You can also grab products at Re 1 from OnePlus December Dash Sale. Let’s see how to get.

How To Buy Products At Re 1 Only From OnePlus 3T December Dash Sale?

1) At first, to to the OnePlus December Dash Contest Webpage here.

2) Then, you’ve to complete the Entry Challenge by doing some simple tasks which will hardly take 5 minutes.

OnePlus 3T December Dash

3) Step by step, create a OnePlus account.

4) Put your mobile number and verify your number via OTP.

5) Enter your address where they’ll ship your owned prize at Re 1 only.

6) Now this is the main thing, you have to share this offer with your friends.

Note:- You’ll get 1 Point if your referred friend also take part in the contest.

7) As the registering to the contest part takes only 5 minutes, you can refer it to many friends via both online and offline.

8) You can get at least a screen guard for your phone if you just refer only 3 persons. So you can get any product for sure. Below I’m giving the list of Prizes with required points. Remember, 1 point means 1 refer.

OnePlus 3T December Dash Prize Shop:-

  • 3 Points – Screen Protector
  • 6 Points – Tempered Glass
  • 9 Points – Karbon Case
  • Get 9 Points – Never Settle T-Shirts
  • For 9 Points – Dash Charge T-Shirt
  • 15 Points – High Quality Mobile Case & Covers
  • 30 Points – Travel Messenger Bag (Black, Blue)
  • 30 Points – OnePlus High Quality Backpack worth Rs 2,999
  • 300 Points – OnePlus 3T 64GB SmartPhone
  • 330 Points – OnePlus 3T 128GB SmartPhone

9) You can redeem your points by claiming any of the above prizes from the Prize Shop.

10) Prize shop is open till the end of this year, only on Fridays at 12 PM to 6 PM. (Opening Dates:- 9th, 16th, 23th and 30th December 2016).

11) After opening the Prize shop, you can claim any of the prizes while stocks last.

12) Pay Re 1 within 3 hours after claiming your prize. After 3 hours, unpaid claims will be expired.

13) You can use your points to claim products until your points finished. That means you can buy multiple products using your points and all the products will cost just Re 1.

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Terms & Conditions:-

  • Prizes may change anytime without any notice.
  • After claiming any product, that can’t be unclaimed.
  • Prize shop will be opened only on Fridays of Dec’16.
  • User must pay Re 1 within 3 hours after claiming any product from the prize shop.
  • Products will be shipped to your address which you’ve entered at Entry Challenge.

I’ve won a Power Bank Cover & Travelling Bag by spending 3+30 points which has been shipped to my home right now. I got the cover by referring just 3 friends. So, you don’t have to refer huge friends. Just refer at least 3 friends to get prizes from this sale. I believe, you can also win at least one product for sure. So, don’t lose times and start sharing the offer. It doesn’t matter you share at online or offline. Just refer others and win prizes at Re 1 from OnePlus December Dash Sale.

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