Five Most Interesting Things About Reliance Jio

These days, Reliance Jio is on the front page of every news sites. Every websites are sharing various tricks and news related to Reliance Jio SIM. There are various funny pictures & memes made on Jio which are hugely liked and shared on social media. RIL chairman Mukesh Ambani recently announced about Jio Happy New Year Offer with free internet, calls & SMS. In this busy moment, we will share the most five interesting things about Reliance Jio.


You can use Jio apps for free on any device still the end of Happy New Year offer. Jio also planned to launch their Reliance Payments Bank in the earlier of 2017. Now, let’s know the five most interesting facts about Reliance Jio:

1. Reliance Jio – World’s Biggest Startup

Do you know? Jio is the world’s biggest startup? RIL chairman Mukesh Ambani invested Rs 150,000,00,00,000 to start the Jio business.

2. Jio Made A Record By Getting 50 Million Users In 83 Days Only

Just after launching, Jio created a buzz on the internet and offline. People started getting Jio SIM to use free internet, calls & SMS. No other telecom operator never got huge customers like this in such a short period. Each minute, Jio is getting one thousand customers. Not a joke. This way they got fifty million customers in just 83 days.

3. Jio Is India’s Fastest Growing Telecom Operator

As we said above, Jio is getting 1,000 new users every minute. What Airtel does in 12 years and Vodafone does in 13 years, Reliance Jio does that in 83 days only. So, obviously Jio is the fastest growing telecom operator of India as well as the World.

4. Reliance Jio Made Biggest 4G User Base Of India

Airtel has 10 million 4G users now, Idea own 3 million. But all users of Jio are 4G users. According to an interview with Mukesh Ambani, he wants to get 100 million 4G users from India. That’s why Jio launched it’s Happy New Year Offer with free data, calls & SMS again after the Jio Welcome Offer.

5. Jio Is The Fastest Growing Customer Facing Firm

As we told above, just after releasing, Jio is getting huge users every minute. No other companies including Facebook, Whatsapp got customer like this huge speed.

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