Ultimate Idea Balance Transfer USSD Code & Process

What’s up? Are you finding a article about transferring main balance from one idea to another idea number? If yes, then you are on the right place. In this article, I will show you, how you can transfer balance from idea to idea using the ultimate idea balance transfer ussd code.


If your friend or any family member is in trouble and he/she needed some mobile balance to call anyone and if there is no way to recharge mobile, then it’s the only thing you can do. If your and the person who needs mobile balance this time are using the same mobile operator, you can transfer your mobile balance to him/her. Now, one question might be remained in your mind & that is:

Does Idea Transfer Process Has Service Charges?

The answer is YES! You have to pay a little amount to transfer balance from idea to idea. Not only idea, every operator will deduct charges from your main balance if you use this service. But the cost is very low and for it you can help a person.

So, let’s see the idea balance transfer trick or idea share talktime code.

How To Transfer Balance From Idea To Idea Easily?

The process is very easy and it’s 3 steps away from you:

1) Just open your mobile phone and open dialer.

2) Now, dial *151*<type the mobile number of receiver>*<amount of balance>#
That’s it. Very simple. Isn’t it?

Hope you’ve successfully used the ultimate Idea balance transfer ussd code. Now it’s your turn. Please like our Facebook Page & leave your comment below. Have a nice day!

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