How To Write Upside Down Texts On Facebook, WhatsApp & Anywhere?

Hello friends! Now a days social medias like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp are full of verity. Everyone wants to be popular here. In this article, I will share a very rare trick by which you can shock your social media friends & followers. Its Upside Down text. That means, mmmm….Oops! its little difficult to explain you, I’m directly showing you an example of Upside Down text- “ʇxǝʇ uʍop ǝpᴉsdn“. oh! very shocking! Isn’t it?


So, lets come to the procedure of typing upside down texts. Its very simple and even a child can do it easily. But you can grab attention of people by using this little Facebook trick.

Yesterday, I posted about this trick on my Facebook timeline and asked my friends to comment on the post if they want to know the trick about writing upside down texts. Ah! I received a lot of positive comments from my Facebook friends.

You can also grab attention and make your friends shocked by writing status in upside down texts. I promise, maximum of your friends & followers will ask you for the trick and you’ll get noticed.

How To Write Upside Down Text?

Just follow the simple steps described below:

1) At first, go to this website.

2) Now, you can see a text box there, saying “Type text, letters, or symbols here:”

3) Write your desired text which you want to make upside down in that text box.


4) After that, you can give two effects on your text, the first one is Backwords Effect, which will reverse your text and the second one is Upside Down Effect, which lets you flip the text. Select both the effects or only upside down effect.


5) Hurry! You did most of the work. Now just select & copy the transformed text from the second text box.


6) Now you can paste this upside down text to anywhere including Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, YouTube, Gmail, Notepad etc.

7) To make this text your Facebook status update simply log in to your Facebook account.

8) Paste the copied upside down text into the “What’s on your mind?” field and hit the “Post” button.


That’s it.

Hope this tutorial was very helpful for you. If there is any problem, simply tell us by leaving a comment below. In the next post, I will write about Bubble Ball Text effect and Zalgo Text effect which are also very attractive like upside down text. Still then, stay with us & don’t forget to like our facebook page. Thank you! Have a nice & shocking upside down Facebook status 🙂

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Upside Down Text

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