How To Block Facebook Ads In 5 Minutes

Now a days, Facebook ads are the most annoying part of this huge social media. Facebook provides thousands of advertisements each hour to give the service for free. But the ads are really very irritating. If you’re also one of them who wants to remove facebook ads, then you’re on the right place.


Some facebookers are telling that adblock not working on facebook, so you can use this trick to block facebook sponsored posts, block facebook suggested posts also. Some peoples are using facebook ad blocker firefox extension. But with this trick you can remove facebook ads in just 5 minutes.

How To Block Facebook Ads Quickly?

1) At first, go to this link and click on “Install F.B. Purity – Extension” [Only for Chrome Browser].

2) A pop up will appear, click on add extension. That’s it.

Very simple & short. Isn’t it?

How To Hide Facebook Ads Using Settings?

1) At first go to settings > facebook ads.

2) Here you’ll get 3 options to adjust add appearence in your timeline.

3) Turn OFF all the options to completely hide all ads.

Use Adblock Plus To Get Rid Of FB Ads

Adblock Plus is the another popular & effective way to hide advertisements from your timeline. Though it’s powerful, now a days adblock plus not blocking facebook ads effectively. So if it doesn’t work for you, then you can try the two methods described above.

Some Other Ways To Reduce Facebook Advertisements

Like your most needful pages only: Though a person can like only 500 pages at a time, but many peoples like every pages they saw. It’s a reason of displaying more & more interest based advertisements. So, unlike all the unnecessary pages now to get rid of huge fb ads.

Use Greasemonkey: It’s a firefox extension to block ads. Install it in your Firefox browser to keep your timeline ads free. It helps to block banner ads.

Hope this tutorial will help you to block ads from your fb timeline. Ask your query at the comment section below. Subscribe to our newsletter to get all the offers in your email. Check out our other articles.

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