Ultimate Guide To Add All Friends To Facebook Group In One Click

As you’re seeing in the title, it’s a ultimate guide on how to add all friends to facebook group script. Now a days people are using various social sites now and then. And thanks to the ‘Modern Science‘ who had given us various smartphones, mobile devices and tablets by which we can access internet and social networking sites on-the-go. Among all the social sites, Facebook is the most popular place for peoples to meet new peoples, share own opinions & statuses, share selfies, live chatting and calling etc.


On February 4, 2004 Facebook comes online first time. But now, according to FB Newsroom, currently over 1.18 billion peoples around the globe are using Facebook actively on daily basis and over fifteen thousand workers and engineers are working everyday on facebook head quarters and offices to keep it running. Millions of brands & small business owners are using Facebook to advertise their products in front of peoples and grow their business.

Along with all the great features, Facebook groups are also a great invention of Facebook. We can make a huge community by adding our friends or families to a group.

Though we can add friends to facebook group without their permission, but adding all friends to a group one-by-one is a tough job. That’s why we search on Google about facebook group auto add member, add all friends to facebook group chrome 2015, facebook group invite all chrome extension etc.

Now, I’m going to answer all of your questions about facebook group members adding script.

How To Add All Friends To Facebook Group At Once ?

The procedure is very simple. You just follow the simple steps described below:

1) At first, log in to your facebook account. [From which account you want to add members]

2) After that, go to your facebook group in which, you want to add all of your friends.

3) Now, click F12 > select console box.

4) Go to this link and copy the full code or script.

5) Now, paste all the copied code in the console box.


Note:- A caution note will be appeared on your screen. This is a spam message. This is the way how facebook gives you the alert about spamming.

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6) At last, press Enter button from your keyboard to begin adding all the friends to that group. That’s it.

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Within two minutes, all of your facebook friends will be added to your group. But keep in mind that facebook doesn’t allow us to do so. So, if any error or account ban happens, we’ll not responsible for that. Use the script at your own responsibility. But we can say, thousands of people had already used this script safely.

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Hope this article was helpful for you. In coming days, we’ll publish more Facebook tricks here. To get them into your inbox you must subscribe to our newsletter. Ask your query about this trick in the comment section below. And don’t forget to Like our Facebook page to get all the latest updates directly into your news feed.

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