Ultimate Airtel Balance Transfer Process & USSD Code

What’s up? Are you finding a article about transferring main balance from one airtel to another airtel number? If yes, then you are on the right place. In this article, I will describe about airtel balance transfer process in details.


If your classmate or any person requires some main balance to call anyone and his/her main balance is zero & there is no way to recharge mobile phone, then the only way is you can transfer some main balance to his/her number. But remember, to transfer main balance, both the sender and receiver must be using the same operator. You can’t transfer balance from one operator user to another operator.

Does Airtel Balance Transfer Process Has Service Charges?

The answer is YES! They will deduct a very little amount from your main balance along with transferred balance. But the cost is very low and you don’t have to hesitate taking this deduction.

So, let’s see the procedure of transferring main balance from Airtel to Airtel.

How To Transfer Balance From Airtel To Airtel ?

The process is very easy and it’s 4 steps away from you:

1) Just open your phone and dial *141#

2) A USSD menu will appear in your screen.

3) Select “Share Talk Time” & enter the mobile number in which you want to transfer balance.

4) Press on Send button. That’s it.

Now sit back! within next five minutes, your balance will be transferred to that airtel number.

Note:- You can take advantage of this service 5 times a day. After 5 successful transfer, you’ll be unable to transfer main balance from your airtel mobile number for that day.

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