How to Make Your Blog Popular ?

Every bloggers want to make their blogs popular among peoples. But making a blog popular is very tough for any developer/blogger. Getting traffic from search engines by doing SEO is not enough to make a blog popular. You have to do hard work and make a good connection with readers to make your blog popular among your visitors. Getting traffic is not getting popularity. There is very little difference between traffic and popularity. There are many bloggers and youtubers who attract visitors by doing seo, puting attractive title and sharing their posts/videos, but thats not the procedure to get popularity.


To make your blog popular you have to share workful and descriptive posts regularly. Remember, getting traffic and money is not the main intension of blogs. But when you will be popular, then you don’t have to think about money. You will be successful when you will be popular. In this post here I am sharing some useful tricks to make a blog popular.

Attractive Blog Design

Everybody loves beauty. A beautiful blog can attract anyone. An unique design can be on the top. But most of the blogger uses free and common templates is their blog and its the cause that they can’t be popular. So try to buy/make unique template which will be smooth and simple to navigate. If you are a developer/designer then you can make an unique design by customizing default blogger templates. But make it responsive. Now a days there are huge mobile device visitors. So you have to care them also. Google is also paying attention to responsive blogs.

Quality and Well Decorated Content

Content is the king you know. Make your content unique. An uniqe article can rank on the top and able to get more traffic and popularity. Try to make some viral posts. They can also make you and your blog popular. Try to find missing subjects and write on those subjects. Try to give a neat and clean concept to your readers.

Guest Blogging

This also helpful to be popular. Find popular blogs who acceps guest post and contribute posts to them. By this you are getting some backlinks also. Dofollow backlinks are helpful to improve blog rank.

Reply to Readers

It takes a big role to make a popular blog. Try to reply to every comments on your blog. Try to communicate with them. Help them. Readers can bokmark your blog if they get response from you. By this you are also making returning visitors for your blog. Add contact form in your blog by which readers can easily communicate with you.

Make Blog Communities

Try to find equal level other blogs on your niche. Try to make a community with them. Subscribe them and communicate with them regularly. Add subscribe buttons in your blog.

Offer Free Stuffs

Offer free stuffs to your reader. Write some e-books and share it on your blog for free. It can make your blog popular. Every blog doesn’t have their own e-books but if you do then you can make a different image for your readers. Make some free templates if you can and share it for free on your blog. You can also held a competition and gift some cool stuffs to the winnars. They will never forget you and your blog.

Promote on Social Media

Now a days social medias are great way to get more visitors and popularity also. Write some viral posts, give a attractive title to them, put eye-catching images and promote them on facebook. You can get huge visitors and page likes also. Regularly share posts on your social medias like fb, twitter, pinterest etc.

By doing this you can make your blog a brand which will never be out of popularity. Thanks

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