How to fix HTTPS Mixed Content Error In Blogspot ?

Recently, releasing secure https option for blogspot blogs is a big update from google to blogspot users. In September, 2015 google’s blogger developer team announced this update.

After that announcement google is taking new small updates to fulfill the security of the blogspot blogs using https.

Pic: Fix HTTPS Mixed Content Error

When this https option just started, there was a enable/disable option, but from yesterday, blogger development team made it additional for all blogspot subdomain users. For this, you can now see url with https protocol in all blogspot subdomains. But to see this in your browser, you have to redirect your blogspot subdomain from http to https. This option also has been added in your blogger dashboard by developers team. So, you can redirect your blogspot subdomain from http to https without any trouble. And as a bonus, anchor text links in your blog posts, which are in http format, will also be redirected to https. So there is no problem in your internal backlinks.

How to Redirect From HTTP to HTTPS ?

  • At first log in to your blogger dashboard.
  • Go to Settings > Basic. Now you can see like the following image.
  • Select yes and its done. Now all your blog urls are redirected to https.

Some Problems With HTTPS

With its advantages there are also some problems with it. Some of the small problems has been already repaired by google blogger team. But still there are some small problems. But after reading this post you will be able to solve those problems. Now, among all small problems Mixed Content Error is a big and major problem. But you can fix this by investing some of your time.

What is Mixed Content Error ?

Most of the urls are in https, but somes(images, videos, scripts, links, style sheets) are still in http format. As a result of this mixed formats, all browsers cant display all of your blog parts correctly. Excepting this problems, it can harm your blog performance and security and its really a big problem for every bloggers. These Mixed Contents can be mainly in three parts of your blog.

  1. In your blog posts and page editor.
  2. Inside your blogger template.
  3. Inside the source code of HTML widgets.

How to Fix Mixed Content Error From Blog Posts and Pages ?

Though at the starting of https all image urls are in http, but now all image urls has been converted to https automatically. So you dont need to worry about images. But if you had added CSS, JavaScripts, http links in your blogger template manually, then you have to find them and replace them with https. Now all images of both blogspot sudomains and custom domains will be used in https format. The process is –

  • Open your old posts.
  • Now open source code in post editor by clicking on HTML. (see the image below)


  • Now press CTRL+F and search for ‘http:
  • Replace all ‘http:‘ with ‘https:
  • At last click on Update button. If there any error happens then it will show red colored error messege. (see the image below)


  • By fixing all red underlined errors, click on Update again.

How to Fix Mixed Content Error From Blogger Template and HTML/Javascript Widgets ?

If there is any Mixed Content it will show the error messege in your template code automatically. Untill you fix them it will be shown. There can exsist Mixed Content in Image,Javascript and CSS style sheets.  You have to fix them. Lets see the process-

  • Go to Blogger Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML.
  • Search http: by pressing CTRL+F from your keyboard.
  • Then replace all ‘http:’ with ‘https:’ and save template.
  • Now go to Layout > Edit and replace  all ‘http:’ with ‘https:’ in all HTML/Javascript widgets.
  • At last save the Gadgets.

Final Word

By these above techniques you can fix all Mixed Content Errors from your blogspot blog. As https is important for your blog security, my advice is to fix all mixed content errors by giving some time in it. By this procedure Custom Domain users also can replace http, only from their images. But, as blogger developer team is working from long time in https availability, I think HTTPS feature will soon come for the Custom Domain users.

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