Exclusive On Page SEO Techniques to Be on The 1st Page of Google

At the time of optimizing any website or blog, we focus on two main parts of SEO. One is on page optimization and the another is off page optimization. In this post I will give a detailed description of the on page seo techniques, by which you can come and stay on the 1st page of google.


All of us knows that, in on page seo, we make our blog search engine friendly by doing internal blog setups and optimizing blog title tags, meta tags, keyword research, sharing quality content are the main parts of on page seo. When you will be able to setup these things perfectly, you can think your onpage optimizations are 100% complete.

Why should we do On Page Optimization ?

As, seach engines are mainly a kind of software, like humans they cant do anything by themself. They works on human’s commands. So if you are unable to give them your commands correctly, they will ignore you(your blog). So you have to do perfect on page seo to give them correct commands about your blog. If you can finish all on page seo(s) correctly, only then you can expect to be on 1st page of google. Now I am describing about some very important on page seo terms that can bring your posts on the 1st page of google.

1. Quality Content

A content of a brilliant blog can be on the top of search result without any search engine optimization. Only for its quality. And with quality content if one can do proper seo, then he/she have to take no tension to get enough traffic on his/her blog. For this, there is a proverb called ‘A Brilliant Content Is The King of All SEO’. If you can regularly share something new and unique which is new in internet, then it can be on the 1st page of google without any SEO.

2. Optimized Blog Post Title

80% of search engine traffic comes depending on blog post titles. Title is a short description about the whole content. No doubt, title is the king of all seo, but whole content depends on its title. If one can give a attractive title maching with his/her content, then he/she can do all post internal on page seos without any hassle. A well optimized, beautiful post title is able to attract the focus of any search engine robots.

3. Optimized Meta Description Of Blog Posts

Now, meta description is the most important among all meta tags. Because after blog post title, search engine bots pays their attention in meta description. When we search anything on search engine, it looks for the entered keywords in post titles and meta descriptions and shows the results. So try to include all relavant keywords in meta description. I have seen many bloggers who doesnt pay any attention to the meta description field and they fill the field by just copy-pasting the post title in it. In this case meta description dosent issue any different importance for search engine bots.

4. Optimized Post Permalink Structure

As a well structured url is easy to understand for humans, it can also attract search engine bots. Give a well structured permalink in every post according to the subject of the posts. Try to include all relavant keywords in post permalinks. As an example, say you have written a post on ‘How to upgrade Android Version’. If you put ‘post1.html’ as its permalink then search bots cant guess anything about the subject of your post. So, you have to put ‘how-to-upgrade-android-version.html’ or ‘android-version-upgradation-process’ as its permalink. From this two permalinks, search bots can understand about the topic of this post.

5. Well Placed Heading Tags

Important heading tags are normally coded using H1, H2, H3 and H4 tags. These heading tags also bring importance to the search engines. When you are writting any post, the most important heading tag is there in H1 tag. According to search bots, H1 tag is the most important tag than any others.

6. Well Developed Interlink Structure (Internal Backlink Making)

When you are publishing any new post, try to interlink some pre-published relevant posts in it and use relevant keywords as anchor text. By this technique you can catch your visitors for more time in your blog and you can reduce bounce rate. But dont link any irrelevant posts. It can be judged as spam by search engines. So link posts which have the same or relevant keywords.

7. Linking with Other Blogs (External Backlinks)

This process is called backlink making. And as we build it on other blogs/websites(not on our blog), it is called external backlink. Try to make dofollow backlinks with other quality blogs related to your niche. It can give you some visitors (not huge) and it can also grow your rankings which will help you to stay on first page. Remember, dofollow backlinks are very important to grow your ranking.

8. Well Optimized Images

Images are also important for every posts of blog. A single image can explain 1000 words. But to come on first page, you have to well optimize your images for search engines. Excepting this, images are very important for image search engines like google image. If you make your images search engine friendly, then you can get visitors from image search engines only for your images. Optimize your images using Alt tag and title tag. Include relevant keywords in alt and title tag.

9. Keyword Density

Sometime new bloggers creates great content, but for high keyword density, they loses their visitor. So don’t put one keyword again and again. By this your post can be a attractive one. Highlight important words using Bold, Italic and various suitable colors. These all can attract blog readers.

Final Word

In this post I have tried to give a simple but effective concept about on page seo. If you follow these techniques then you can get enough traffic from search engines and be on the 1st page of google. If you have any question, then you can leave a comment below. I will try to respond as soon as possible. Thanks.

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