5 Simple Tricks To Grow Your Blog Pageviews By 100% Growth

5 Simple Tricks To Grow Your Blog Pageviews By 100% Growth

Growth of pageviews of a blog or website is an important matter. But certainly, growing only pageviews is not the main intention of a blog. Rather, making your blog visitors as regular visitor should be your main intension. When you will be able to catch your visitor regularly, then your blog pageviews will grow automatically. How much time does visitor spend on your blog is also an important thing to rank your blog. Much more times equal to very good ranking. If any visitor left your blog without reading your posts then next time the possibility of his/her comeback to your blog is very low because, he/she will think that your blog has no important things.

To grow your blog pageviews you have to make some regular visitor. To do this finely, with sharing of quality posts, you have to utilize some techniques. These 5 simple tricks will help you to get more visitor and to make more and more regular visitor. I am describing these 5 tricks below-

1. Popular Post : I think you have already seen this type of widgets in the sidebar of every blog. This widget will show your most popular or most readen posts in your blog’s every page(if you want you can also show it to a specific page or pages by just modifying or adding some codes on your template). It will attract your visitors to read more posts of your blog and this process will increase your pageviews.

2. Related Posts : This widget will show some posts which are related to visitor’s query. As an example, if a visitor comes to your blog by googling about “Search Engine Optimization”, reads your post and comes to the end of your post, then he/she will be shown some related posts about the same query and then he/she will be eager to read related posts of your blog. By this way, you are getting more pageviews.

3. Internal Linking : Internal links can surely grow your pageviews. When you are writing any post, try to link-up some related post’s link with appropriate words. This links will help your visitors to know about the matter finely. You can also write a matter dividing into multiple posts by internal linking. When visitors will click on these hyperlinks, your pageviews will grow autometically.

4. Search Box : This is the another important and major thing for every blog because you can hardly find a single blog which have not a search box. Every type of blog includes a search box. But your search box must be a attractive one. When a visitor will find your blog helpful then he/she can search his/her another query in your blog using search box because the visitors have no time to find his/her query among the bundle of your posts. Every visitor wants to finish his work in a very short time.

5. Series Posts : Series Posts means publishing a whole subject writing into multiple posts. As an example, say, you want to write post about “Making A Responsive Blogger Template”, as it is a big subject you can publish this whole subject via mulptiple posts(Example- Making A Responsive Blogger Template Part 1, Making A Responsive Blogger Template Part 2, Making A Responsive Blogger Template Part 3 …). Give all post links(of a series) to every posts(of a series). Here if visitors find this subject important to know then they will try to read all posts of the series. As a result, visitors are getting the advantage of knowing a big subject part by part.

My Last Word : If your blog’s contents are well qualified and if you can follow these five widgets and tricks then you can get huge pageviews to your blog very easily. But I always suggest every begginer to write well quality posts which are hardly published on any other blog, I mean unique and useful and which have something new in it. Only then one can reach on the top of the success.

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