10 Reasons Why Your Blogger Blog Can Be Deleted Without Any Notice

10 Reasons Why Your Blogger Blog Can Be Deleted Without Any Notice

No doubt, blogger platform is a very simple and quality blogging platform for every begginers. Even who has zero knowledge about web designing, can make a blog using Blogger. But don’t forget that, blogger has its own terms and conditions which every blogger user have to maintain. Otherwise “Google Blogger Team” can delete your valuable blog at anytime.

Nobody wants that their valuable blog which they had made after a hardwork be deleted by google. Google also don’t wants to delete anyone’s blog, but when anyone disobey their “Content Policy” and “Terms of service”, google obliged to delete their blog.

So, today I am telling about the reasons of deleting any blog from Blogger –

1. Spam : Google just dislike spams. There are many bloggers who want to be on the first page of google using spamming and black hat seo. So, google’s bot notify them as spams and include them on spam list. This kind of blogs can be deleted anytime by google.

2. Violating Privacy : Publishing anyone’s personal data or secret things on the blog without his permission is mortally prohibited by google’s content policy and terms of service. As an example : publishing anyone’s Credit card number, Address, E-mail address, contact informations etc.

3. Copy-Paste Content : This is also a big cause of blog deletation. If you copy-paste any post from other blog without permission then google bots will notify your blog as a duplicate blog. Excepting this, from whose blog you copied posts, if he complain using blogger DMCA, then your posts which you have published by just copy-pasting with whole blog can be deleted anytime.

4. Increasing Blog Traffic using Illegal Methods : Now a days there are many illegal methods by which one can increase one’s blog traffic instantly like link exchange, buying blog traffic, traffic bot softwares etc. The meaning of using these methods is violating google’s policy.

5. Adverse Comments : Blogger is a platform where one can explain one’s opinions independently. But everything has a specific limit of freedom. Blogger is also not exception of this. Here one can’t make adverse comments about any religion, atheism, age, sex etc.

6. Violence : Here one can’t publish provocative and violent anything about any person or institution. Even you can’t make provocative or violent comments about the comments of your blog readers.

7. Viruses and Malwares : If your blog got affected by malwares and viruses, then google can delete your whole blog anytime because google always wants to be virus free. Uses of any third party scripts, addons, software can make a blog virus affected. There are many ways to check virus affection in blogs on google. You can try those ways to check your blog.

8. Adult Content : Though you can share sexual videos or photoes or sexual contents in your blog but you have to set your blog only for adults before sharing adult content from blogger settings. But if you share sexual contents here and there then your blog can be deleted anytime by blogger.

9. Child Security : Don’t write or share things about any kind of subject which can stop children’s mental growth. Ex- If you write sexual content, then childrens can diverted by pornography. So this kind of activity in your blog can take part to delete your blog by google.

10. Illegal Activity : Don’t publish posts about anything which is a punishable offense in the regulations of any country. Ex -publishing any post to captivate anyone to take drug. Publishing this kind of posts can be the cause of your blog deletation without any notice.

Thats it for this post. Thanks for reading. Feel free to tell your question via comment and do share this post if you find this article helpful.

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