Why You Should Choose Blogger Platform To Make Your First Blog ?

Pic : Why You Should Choose Blogger Platform To Make Your First Blog ?

Why You Should Choose Blogger Platform To Make Your First Blog ?

There are a lot of platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Tumbler, Weebly etc but why you should use blogger to make your first blog on internet. This is my main topic of this post. But to know this things you have to know what is blogger.

What is Blogger or Blogspot ?

Blogger is a free service of search giant Google and the main twist is its totally free, you have to spend no money to make and run your blog. No domain, no hosting, no money, only what you have to do is just gifting the usefull contents to your visitors.

Blogger gives you a sub-domain under blogspot .com. But you can add a top level domain like .com, .net, .in etc to make your blog look more professional. But to add this you have to spend money to buy a top level domain.

Blogger is mainly designed for main blog, but if you have good skill, you can make news blog, music blog etc using Blogger. Later I will show you the procedure of making a news blog using Blogger platform. No more talk. Lets see the facts –

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Why You Should Choose Blogger ?

  • The first thing is its very easy. There is no excessive options like wordpress. You can use it very easily even you are a newbie.
  • You can open a blog only with one gmail account.
  • If you are a new blogger or web developer then blogger is best for you because you can really learn many things which things are very important for every beginner.
  • You can customize your blog design directly. So you can customise little things very easily. So, before going to wordpress learn little things of coding from here. Its the ideal place to learn little things.
  • If you want to make a personal blog then blogger is the best place for you. The big part of personal blog of the world is made by blogger. Because there is a various and huge amount of template in the web and most of them are absolutely free. So you have to spend no money for buying a template. I am also using a free template. But, yes, if you want to make a professional website or blog then you should go for the premium blogger templates.
  • As blogger is a part of google, it’s search engine optimization results are very good. Google defaultly made it search engine friendly.
  • As blogger blogs are fully hosted on google’s server, loading speed of blogger sites are really effectable, compared to others. I saw many bloggers who are using blogger only for the good loading speed.
  • Somebody says one can’t develop a blogger blog richly but it is proven that using ultra optimized blogger templates you can go to the beyond of blogging world. If you have efficiency you can go to the next level using blogger.
  • The other thing is there are huge amount of various free templates by which you can decorate your blog presentably.
  • The main advantage for me is, blogger made a android application by which you can publish posts using your smartphone, because I have not a computer. I am blogging using my smartphone only.

Thats it for this post.
If I made any grammatical mistake, then please leave a comment for correction. I am little weak in english because its not my first language.

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