What is SEO ? What is Panda and Penguin Update ? [Detailed Post]

Pic : Google’s Panda & Penguin Updates

What is SEO ? What is Panda and Penguin Update ?

In last two years I heard so many things about Google’s Panda and Penguin Algorithm. After these updates, some bloggers are frustated and some are terrified.

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So, Naturally its a very mooted topic. So today I am writing on seo and with this topic also. Here I will write this entire post, dividing into two parts.

First : What is Search Engine Optimization ?

Second : Why are The Algorithms or Updates of Google ?

What Is Search Engine Optimization ?

Normally, we use search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc to search anything from the internet. But have you ever think ? how they knows the answers ?
They are always engaged to collect informations about new contents. Search bots help them to index informations to their server.

When we type any word in the search box and hit the search button, they search for the answers in their server and show us the answers according to our questions.

You can guess by its name – search engine optimization. When we optimize anything to the search engines then it is called search engine optimization. Normally seo is the process to promote anything online. By this way we get more visitors to our website. This is a kind of marketing.

Search engine optimization is mainly divided into following two parts –

1. On-Page SEO and
2. Off-Page SEO.

  • On-Page SEO : By its name you can guess, what it is.
    To optimize our content we have to do some work on our site. These things are called on page optimization. Some example of on page seo are title tag, meta description, robot .txt file, responsive design, internal link building, using h1, h2, h3 tags for heading, etc.

    Say website or blog is a shop, to get customer, firstly you have to decorate your shop. Then customer will see your shop, they will think, you are doing a serious business and your products are quality products and start coming to your shop. As well as in the case of your blog, you have to well decorate and well optimize your blog to show how serious are you about your blog.

    When visitors came to your blog then you have to give them quality content which can give them 100% satisfaction.

  • Off-Page SEO : The word “off-page” tells us that we have to do these optimization, outside of our blog.

    Same example like on page seo, say your shop is now well decorated and contains quality product in a good price. But, how can people know about your shop ?

    You have to do some advertisement over your shop and you should put your ads where people comes. When people will come to those popular places, seeing your ads they will start coming in your shop.

    But in the case of blog you have to spend no money but your time and labour. Here, the popular places are search engines, where people come everyday to find their solutions. You have to do off-page seo to show your blog on the search results. Then people will start coming in your blog.

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Why are The Algorithms or Updates of Google ?

Google search is a free service for the people. People use this, to find their solutions. Google is always working to give the perfect results according to people’s query. Google takes the help of automation system to find the related websites.

But later google saw people are getting their appropriate results on the 4th or 5th page (I mean google was becaming unable to give the appropriate results on the first page or in the first).

Because then google only looked for the baclinks of any website to rank them on the search result. Taking the advantage of this process webmasters started building backlinks. As the result of this, quality websites went down in the competition and was on the 3rd or 4th page and non-appropriate websites were on the first page.

Then Google started taking action. They changed their system and various algorithms (updates) started coming one after another. Panda and Penguin are one of them.

Before these updates who were on the first page, they had no creativity and capability to be on the first page. But after these updates they fall down and appropriate website raises on the top.

Now google put any site on the top by judging its popularity. Because people always go for the best. Where self people are telling a website good, there what can do the search engine. Now google is watching the quantity of visitors, how many time they spend on a website to rank them.

If there comes huge people in a website, spend more time there and goes one page to another then you can say people are liking those websites. And where human likes those websites, you can say those websites are really good. When people are telling a website good then where is the problem for google. Google also loves them and as the result they are reaching in the top of search results.

So, the main intention of the updates are, everybody should do seo for the peoples, not for the google, which will be loved by both the people and the Google.

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