6 Obstacles That Every New Blogger Faces And How I Overcame Those ?

Pic : 6 Obstacles That Every New Blogger Faces & How I Overcame Those ?

6 Obstacles That Every New Blogger Faces And How I Overcame Those ?

The word “Blog” is becaming more popular day by day. Everyday, so many peoples are opening new blogs. May be for making some money or just for hobby. More people are now knowing about blogs. Every new bloggers faces some common problems when they just start blogging.

In this post I am gonna show you 10 common obstacles that every new bloggers(me also) faces and what I did when those problems were fallen on my blogging journey. Here are the major problems –

1. Choosing A Subject or Niche

Most of the newbies falls in trouble at the time of choosing a subject or niche for their blog.

When I started blogging, I asked myself-
“In which thing, you have a fluent knowledge ?”
but the answer was “nothing” and “everything but very little”. So I was very confused about the niche of my blog. I started writing about android phones, apps, tricks and all about android but some days later I found that I can’t write more posts on android because I was bored of android. Later I read many posts on the web, about developing a website or blog and getting traffic on them, then I heard about Search Engine Optimization and some days later I feel that I can write about Seo (Search Engine Optimization) because, even I write on any niche, I have to do search engine optimization to float my blog in the sea of websites. Then why not I write posts about seo. By this way, I am writting about which I am doing to promote my blog.

And like other new bloggers I also want to earn some money through my blog. For this, I started researching on internet about how to make money online and started writing on this.

Whereas I started HelperBus on Blogger platform, I started writing about Blogger Platform.

This way, I finalized my blog’s niche.

2. Choosing The Perfect Domain Name

There are two kinds of domain name you can choose for your blog. The first one is finding some keywords about your niche and mix them and the other one is to take a different name, not related to your niche but that can left a mark on people’s mind.

Its also a very confusing matter. You can choose a domain name which contains your niche’s keywords and the other is choosing a different name because if you choose a keyword as your domain name then its on luck because someone may be taken it and the other problem is these are common domain names and have a very little different with others. But if you choose a uncommon but short and easy name then people can remember it quickly.

Amomg these two types, I choose the second. At first time I was confused about my niche but I was sure that it is going help people, so I put Helper, and in the second part of my domain name I was searching a very small and a little different word. I tried for somes, but those are already taken by somebody. Then I put the word ‘bus’ after helper. The word ‘Bus’ came with no planning. I was just searching for a very short and simple word. This way I finalized the name HelperBus.

3. Buying A Domain and Hosting

Buying a Domain was a very big problem for me because I am still under 18 and I have not a credit card or anything like that to pay online. Then I ask my computer privet tutor to pay using his credit card. He tried to ignore because it was not online shoping its buying a domain and few people know what a domain is. But at last I was succesful to procure him and bought my first domain helperbus.com using his credit card.

Now it was the time to set up my domain with my blogger blog. I have not a computer yet so I used to go to the internet cafe to setup my domain. I take help from the youtube videos to setup my domain and it was then done.

4. Choosing A Template

Every blogger should try for the simplest design. Because people comes to our blog to read our writing. If you use any eye catching or very complex design, then visitors can be irritate. So, I used and still using a very simple design.

But the problem is the credits of the template maker and hidden links or codes. I suggest all to buy a template because then It will not include any credit link.

In my case I am using a free template but I have hidden those credit link using some codes. Don’t worry ! I will also publish this post later.

The other important thing is your template must be both user friendly and search engine friendly. Day by day mobile devices are growing rapidly, so in this time your template must be responsive.

5. Writing The First Post

I think its not very tough, but everyone try to publish something very usefull. My first post was –

“What is Robot.txt file and how to attach this on your blog ?”

6. Adding Widgets

As many of you and also I am not a coder, so we can’t make a widget, hence we use to go to the other(third party) blogs to find out the important widgets to add them into our blog. But some of you may notices that 99% of third party blogs publish widget codes with their own blog links to spread and rank their sites higher. So it was also a big problem for me. But I can’t do anything because I am not a coder, ultimately I also used those third-party widget codes to decorate my blog.

These were the main obstacles. But some other little problem I faced when I just started blogging. As I haven’t a computer yet I faced some extra problems as the result of using my smartphone for blogging.

Thats it for today. Don’t forget to leave a comment below. Sharing is daring…

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