10 Killer Strategies To Attract New Visitors To Your Blog

Pic : 10 Killer Strategies To Attract New Visitors

10 Killer Strategies To Attract New Visitors To Your Blog

Getting more traffic to the blog is very tough for the newbies. Its a big problem. 80% of newbie bloggers quit blogging for this reason. But they have to hard work to get the success. SEO is a workful procedure to get traffic. But, today I am sharing some effective techniques to attract new visitors to your blog.

No 1. Always Go For The Simple And Sophisticated Template

Always try to keep your blog clean. Do not use a complex design. It can expel new visitors. Don’t add more widgets. Only use the important and needful widgets in your blog to make it easy to use for the new visitors. Don’t use very eye catching and colorful template to stop distracting your visitors. Remember people always love simple and clean design.

No 2. Quality Content Is The King

I saw many bloggers saying “Content Is The King” but I am telling you there is no value if your content is worst. I think it will “Quality Content Is The King”. So, always write the usefull posts which can help your readers. Daily Publishing new posts is a good way to get more visitors but it can lower your post quality. I suggest you not to compromise post quality instead of quantity. Always, try to make rick content for your blog.

No 3. Article Submission & Guest Blogging

Write beautiful and usefull articles and include your backlinks to those articles. Then submit those articles to the popular blogs related to your blog. Guest post to other related blogs. When people will read them and fill them really helpful, they will visit your blog to get some more from you as well as you are able to grow your online reputation through this proccedure.

No 4. Give Reply To The Comments And Emails

Readers want to directly interact with you via comments and emails. Don show your lazyness to give a reply them. If you reply them they will return to your blog. Try to solve their problems as soon as you can. You can give your facebook profile link to your blog to do live chat with your readers if you have some time to do this. It can give 100% satisfaction to your readers through this proccedure.

No 5. Keep Commenting On Other Blogs Related To Your Niche

Keep reading other blogs similar to your blog. After reading leave a relevant and polite comment. Because visitors also see the comments and if they feel your comment interesting, they can visit your blog too. I suggest you to leave at least ten comments a day to the other popular blogs and see the result.

No 6. Take The Advantage Of Social Networking Sites.

Social Networking sites are the great place to share your blog posts. Everybody comes here at least one time a day. When they will see your updates they can visit your blog. If you have no time to share, you can use automatic sharing techniques. Here I suggest you to make a facebook page of your blog to gain more fans.

No 7. Make Relationships With Others.

Try to make relationships with other bloggers to gain more traffic. Exchange links with them. Keep reading and commenting on their posts.

No 8. Write Attractive Articles

Write attractive articles to catch new visitors. By this visitor will stay on your blog for longer time. It is helpful for growing your ranking also. Don’t make grammatical mistakes and review posts twice before publishing it. You can search other blogs for interesting and attractive topics.

No 9. Use Attractive And Relevant Pictures.

Someone said “1 Picture Is Equal To 1000 Words”. Really it is true. Pictures has a strong ability to catch new visitors. Always try to upload attractive and relevant pictures to your posts on the specific places. You can search Google Images but there is a risk of copyrighting. I suggest you to remove the background of copyrighted images and use it’s element(s) with a new and different resolution of background to avoid copyrighting. You can use Adobe Photoshop to do this.

No 10. Make A Channel On Youtube.

Now a days Youtube is becaming more popular. Every day tons of people visits Youtube. Make a youtube channel and at the place of the channel name, type your blog’s title. Now keep uploading videos of various tutorials about which you write in your posts. Link the videos with those posts. Give your blog’s URL on those videos. By this process you gives your readers more satisfaction and also getting new visitors from youtube.

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