How To Write Search Engine Friendly Blog Post Title ?

Pic : Search Engine Friendly Blog Post Title

How to write search engine friendly blog post title ?

80 percent of blog traffic from search engines comes depending on post titles. Title is the summary of a blog post. No doubt, content is the king of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but content always resides by the title. If one can write a attractive post title by matching on it’s main subject, I think, then he can maintain all the internal SEO(s) of the content easily.

What Is Title Optimization ?

A reasonable and well optimized post title can attract searxh engine bots very easily. If you write your blog posts on a usefull and very needful topic, then search bots will quickly index your post to the search result. For a fresh concept on title optimization I am describing three topics about it, below –

1) Use Google Keyword Research Tool

Research the word before using it on your post. Better keywords will give gou better result.
As an example : If you want to write any article on America, then at first search for the keywords which have the most use like America, US and United States. Use Google Keyword Research Tool to know, which has the most use among these words. See below how to do –

Pic : How to use Google Keyword Research Tool

Giving all marked fields, click on “Get Ideas”. Now you can see all the related and usefull keywords. See below –

Pic : Google Keyword Research Tool Results

You can clearly see that, the word ‘America’ has been used 1,000,000 times, word ‘US’ has been used 673,000 times and ‘United State’ has been used 301,000 times. Here you can see last month’s most used word is the word ‘America’. Always take help from Keyword Research Tool before writing a new post. You can do this work only on two to three minutes and this service from Google is totally free for all users.

2) Always Try To Write the Title Between 66 Characters.

There are many bloggers and search engine optimizer who repeats a same word again and again at the time of writing post titles. Maybe he is not understanding it can be ignored by the search engine bots. Search engines always gives the priority to those words which are used in the title of the post. So, if you repeat any word again and again in the title, then search engine bots will be confused about the main subject of your post and it will mark your post as a spam. Google shows the first 66 character and Yahoo shows the first 120 words of any post title in their search result. So its better to write your post title between 66 characters. See below how does the title looks like –

Pic : The Perfect SEO Optimized Title 

3) Write An Attractive Title

Think how you can express your main topic of the post, using less words to the readers and search bots, before writing the title. Always keep in mind about both readers and search bots when you are writing the title. Here I am show two post titles and I am describing which one is the best and why –

Title 1 – “Learn How To Write Search Engine Friendly Post Title For Your Website”

This title contains many useless words. You can give more clear idea about your post to the readers without these words. Now see the another-

Title 2 – “How To Write Search Engine Friendly Blog Post Title ?”

This title contains three attractable keywords – Search Engine Friendly, Blog Post, Title and the question mark(?) at the end of title, made this more meaningful.

Results Of These Titles :

*. There is no importance of the word ‘website’ on the first title. because this post is written only for bloggers. When visitors will search by writing ‘blog’ then they will not be able to see my post.

*. In the first title, there is no importance of ” Learn” and “You”. You can meant the topic without these words.

*. There is no question mark used in the first title but here the title is written as a question.

So, after all we can say easily that second title is the most appropriate.

What To Do ?

*. Always use Google Keyword Tool for keyword researching.

*. Check the title twice if there are any spelling mistakes.

*. Try to write short title including important keywords.

*. Try to write the title between 66 words.

*. Always try to use symbols on the title which is attractive for both search robots and visitors.

*. Use question mark and exclamation mark after the title according to need.

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