How To Use Default Featured Post Widget On Blogger ?

Pic : Blogger Has Added Featured Post Widget

Wow !! Google Has Added “Featured Post” Widget On Blogger

Google has recently added ‘Featured Post” widget on Blogger. Now you are able to highlight any old posts on your Blogger blog. It gives you the ability of showing post which matter on your every pages.

View Of The Widget

Pic : Blogger’s Default Featured Post Widget

What Are The Benefits of Featured Post Widget ?

Supppse you wrote a very important and use full post for your readers, but that post is now covered with your new posts on your homepage so to stay it and well-notify it, you can use this ‘Featured Post’ widget.

Difference Between Default and Third Party Featured Post Widget

You can use third party feature post widgets but sometime those include hidden codes as a credit link or to promoting their own work. So, always try to use the default featured post widget on your blog.

How To Setup Blogger’s Default ‘Featured Post’ Widget On Your Blog ?

Its very simple like other widgets. Follow the following steps to add Featured Post Widget

Step 1 : Log in to your Blogger Dashboard.

Step 2 : Go to layout tab and click on ‘Add a Gadget’.

Step 3 : Now click on “Featured Post”.

Pic : Adding Blogger’s Default Featured Post Widget

Step 4 : A new window will appear. You will see all the options, set up all options and select your post’s label which you want to show as a featured post.

Pic : Configuring Blogger’s Default Featured Post Widget

Step 5 : All the posts under that label will appear. select from them or search for the post using search box.

Step 6 : After selecting your post click on save.

Thats all.
My suggestion is to use featured post widget on the top of your homepage for better attraction of visitors.

As this widget is recently added on blogger I have not enough information about it. But I think after some days I will get all informations about this and then this post will be updated with detailed informations. So stay with us. If you have any query you can leave a comment. Thanks for reading.

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