How To Make Money On Youtube ?

How To Make Money On Youtube By Uploading Videos ?

There is various different way to make money online sitting on home. Now a days youtube is the easiest way to make money online. Even a child can make money on youtube, so why not you ? I am showing you today –

How To Make Money On Youtube ?

Pic : How To Make Money On Youtube ?

As all of you know that youtube is a video sharing site so, to make money on youtube you must upload videos on youtube.

Subject Of Videos

You can make Tutorials, Reviews, Funny Videos and everything but to make money on youtube, you have to make very useful video which is very attractive to people. Tutorials are very good subject because people also watch youtube to learn new things. Rivews are the other profitable subject because when new product or something new comes to the market people want to see their review. But keep in mind, to make reviews you have to collect or buy new products. So this a worthy way.

Video Capturing

You can use your own digital camera.
Have not ? No problem !! you can also use your smartphone’s camera but that must be good resolution because people always avoid worst videos. DSLRs are the best. Do not forget to edit your videos. Use quality video editors to edit your videos before uploading them. Quality is the main matter. You can do some graphics designing on your videos to attract more viewers. Try to make your videos like tv serial episodes and upload them on a specific time table.

There is an another way to make videos. You can capture your computer’s screen(monitor) to make tutorials over computer like gaming reviews, software reviews, software tutorials, tips and tricks, something on the internet etc. To capture your screen download some screen capturing softwares from the web, compare between them and use the best.

Don’t forget to choose good microphones. Outer noise can be the cause of disturbance of viewers. Buy a active noise cancelation microphone that can avoid unwanted outer sounds.

Never upload video by coping other’s videos and never use any part of other’s videos on your own video. That is copyrighting.

How To Make Money On Youtube ?

1) Make a Channel on Youtube : Log in to youtube using your gmail ID. Go to and sign up to your account.

After signing up make a new channel. Choose an attractive name for the channel.

2) Become Youtube Partner : To monetize your videos you must be the partner of youtube.

Simply click on “My Channel” > Video Manager > Channel > Partner. To varify your partnership you must use your phone number.

3) Uploading Videos : Upload your videos on your youtube channel. After uploading go to “monetized” option. Now click on the check box of “Monetize with Ads”.

Be carefull, never upload any copyrighted videos otherwise youtube will disable your “Monetized” option.

4) Apply For Adsense : To make money on youtube, you have to apply for google adsense using your youtube channel. (Google Adsense is the most trusted ad network in the world)

Go to “Channel” option > Monetization > Enable Monetization > Now there is a “How will paid” option below >
associate an AdSense account.

Now click on “next” and sign up using your gmail ID, type in all correct informations on the correct field. Then a request will be send to the adsense. If all things are right, after 2-3 days, you will get an adsense approval message in your inbox.

How It Works ?

When people will see your videos, ads will appear on the screen. When visitors will click on those ads you will get a specific amount for every click. After $ 100 you can request for payout. This way you are making money on youtube. You can recieve your payouts via check or wire transfer.

How to Increase Your Youtube Earning ?

1) Give a Compatible Description : After uploading every videos, give a compatible descriptions for them. By this, youtube will get a fresh idea about the main subject of your videos and it will serve your videos to the exact viewers.

2) Upload Videos Regularly : Try to upload interesting videos regularly. By this way your viewers will increase and increasing viewers is the cause of increasing your earning.

3) Share Your Videos : After uploading a new video, to get more viewers, share your videos on the social networking sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc.

4) Build Backlinks : There are many popular blogs which supports guest posting. Go there, write posts and give the link of your video to get more viewers.

My Last Word

As Youtube is a part of Google, you can make money on youtube easily and trustfully. The big benefit is, you need no domain no hosting(like me) but you can make money easily on youtube.

I’m coming soon with new posts. Still then stay with HelperBus.

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