10 Effective Off-Page SEO Techniques To Boost Your Blog Traffic Quickly

10 Effective Off-Page SEO Techniques

10 Effective Off-Page SEO Techniques To Boost Your Blog Traffic Quickly

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very important to increase any blog’s traffic. For unsufficient visitors many bloggers left blogging. Mainly S.E.O is divided into two parts, one is On-Page SEO and the other is Off-Page SEO. To fullfil your blog’s optimozation both are very important. If you do one and left the other then you can’t get enough visitors from search engines. Here are the ten best off-page seo(s) to boost your blog traffic –

1) Use Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites are very important to get more traffic and quality backlinks from search engines. You can get many referral visitors from social networking sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus, very easily. Only make a profile on these social sites and decorate them carefully. Connect with other bloggers and make good relationships with them. Try to know their opinion. Share your post links on these sites regularly.

2) Do Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is very effective way to make quality backlinks and get traffic from search engines. You can make enough quality backlinks via blog commenting which can help to rank your keyword. Search some popular blogs similar to you which has very good page rank, alexa rank and domain authority using search engines, then start to comment on those blogs regularly. But keep in mind, never spam and try to do formative comments. Thus your comment will get approval quickly.

3) Directory Submission

Still now, directory submission has a great importance to rank your keyword and quality backlinks. Always submit your directory only to those directories who has a good page rank, alexa rank and domain authority(must be greater than 20). If possible, use different meta descriptions, meta keyword and descriptions for each directories. Then your links will approve soon and you will get more visitors from search engines.

4) Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is the another popular way to grow your blog’s traffic. Through this you can get more quality backlinks and referral visitors. Register on some popular and good quality social bookmarking sites and if possible share your every post on these sites.

5) Forum Posting

Forum posting is a old off-page seo technique which is very popular still now. In forum posting you can get backlink easily using signature. Many bloggers says signature link is deemed as spam but if you take part in forum posting regularly then it will turn into quality backlink.

6) Article Directory Submission

Its also a old technique but it is still very fruitfull. You can get quality backlinks and referral doing this.

7) Guest Posting

It can be little difficult for new bloggers but it is very easy way to get more backlinks and a lot of referral visitors. Search some popular and high page rank blogs similar to your blog niche and start writing some posts for those blogs, when you are writing put your site’s link(backlink) at the end or with any related word. As those site has huge visitors, when they will come and read your writting they can visit your blog too. Its also helpful to lower your page rank quickly.

8) RSS Feed Directory Submission

RSS Feed Directory is a very good quality source to get quality backlinks. Collect some high page rank directory submission sites using search engines and start submitting your rss feed directories. Next time when you will publish any new post they will automatically add your new link.

9) Link Exchange

Link exchange is an another old but gold technique. There are some third party link exchanging sites. You can google to search them. Exchange your links with them but keep in mind don’t do this too much, over using this technique can be the cause of blacklisting your site to search engines. You can also make relationship with the admins of popular sites to exchange links.

10) Video Marketing

In this time, video marketing is the most popular way to get huge referral visitors. Make some videos related to your site’s niche and upload them on youtube, vimeo and other video sharing sites. When people will see your videos, they will visit your blog too. I suggest you to make videos over your posts and embed your videos with the posts as video tutorials to give more satisfaction to your visitors.

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