6 Easy Ways To Make Money Online

6 Easy Ways To Make Money Online

Like other peoples you also spend a long time on social networking sites. I also regret that I spend my previous three years by playing online games, doing facebook, twitter and many more. I think why I don’t start blogging from my previous two years.
I have many friends who daily spend a long time doing these things. If you ask anyone

“How many time do you spend on social networking, chatting and gaming ?”

Most of the man wil answer you – two-three hours a day.
Thus a man spend 1000-1200 hours by doing these in a year.
But have you ever think this, what you have got by doing these??
The answer is “Nothing” and “Zero”

What’s the problem, if you get some money by spending some of your valuable time on the web ?

Internet is not just limited to Facebook, Social Networks and Gaming.

So, in this post I am showing how you can get your pocket money by doing some light work on the internet.

Pic : 6 Easy Ways To Make Money Online

Earn From Youtube

Youtube is the easiest way to make money from internet. Even a child can do this. Youtube is one of the top ten popular websites in the world. If you want, you can earn a smart amout monthly from yourube, even with a very short knowledge. Just you have to make some good quality videos to upload on youtube. You can also use your smartphone camera for shooting. If you have a good knowledge about anything, you can make tutorial videos. But, never upload copyrighted video. If you upload very usefull videos then visitors will see your videos. Try to attract more visitors and keep uploading more and more helpful videos regularly.

Then apply for a google adsense account to show advertise with your uploaded videos. When adsense team will approve your application you will be able to show ads. when viewers will see your videos a small ad will be shown. Visitors will click on those ads and you will get a specific amount of money for every click.

Blogging and Writing Articles

Make your own blog on google’s Blogger or WordPress for free and start writing about what you know well. Though you have to hard work for the first, two or three months but don’t quit. Write new articles regularly and publish then on your blog. You can attach picture where you need.

When people will start visiting your blog, you can earn money by showing them relevant ads.

Freelancing : As a Article Writter

If you have a clear and good knowledge about any subject and if you can write articles on that subject, you can sell those articles by freelancing. There are many people who have unbelievably earned thousands of dollars by freelancing.

Earn From Adsense

Adsense is the biggest advertising network on the internet world. It is the most trusted ad network because it is a service of Google. If you can turn your blog to the profitable level and if your blog gets lots of visitors everyday, adsense can be a profitable way to earn money from your website or blog. Somebody says that getting adsense approval is very hard. But, if you make a really valuable blog you can get approval very quickly. It is 100% true. You can earn for very long time through adsense.

Asking and Answering Questions

If you are very knowledgable on any subject like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Humanities etc then you can answer other’s questions or solve other’s problem, related about your subject. If you can answer correctly then the owner of educational websites, will contact with you to work on there websites. Working on there websites you can earn money sitting on your home.

Selling Your Products on Ebay and Amazon

Everybody knows that Ebay and Amazon are the popular online stores. People advertise their own products on these online stores. You can also advertise your own product on these sites. If people find your product usefull, they will buy your product. By this way you can earn money by selling your products. But to get this facility you have to prove your self a profitable and quality seller.

Thats it for this post. See you in the next post. Still then stay with us and don’t forget to like our facebook page. BY BY.

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