Wanna Be A Successful Blogger ? Check This 10 Things

Pic : How to Become A Successful Blogger

Wanna Be A Successful Blogger ? Check This 10 Things

Everyday someone opens new blogs for earning some money. Someone get success and someone is thinking how to be like them.

Yes , you also can become a successfull blogger like them. But you have to do hard work by giving up your laziness. This post is for those new blogger who recently started a niche blog.

What To Do When You Are A New Blogger ?

There are some common mistakes that all new blogger does. Lets see them and know what is the right…

1) Post Title

Write a suitable title about what are you writing. Suppose your subject is

“How to Be A Successful Businessman ?”

Now if you give the title

“How to be a Rich man ?”

then viewing your title, visitors can feel irritating. So, always try to write a suitable title and try to write within 66 characters.

2) Meta Description

As title write your meta description suitable to your subject. Try to keep it within 155 characters.

3) Post Link or Permalink

Try to keep it short. Use your keywords in the permalink. Don’t use any stop word(such as “is” or “are”) in permalink.

4) Grammatical Mistakes

Don’t make any grammatical mistakes at the time of writting any posts. After writting use spell checker to confirm there is no mistakes.

5) Do Not Duplicate

Don’t copy anyone’s post. After Google’s Panda update(very strong algorithm) its impossible to rank with just copy-pasting. Never do this. Invest your time for writing quality posts.

6) Optimize Images Using Alter Tag

Be sure, your images are well optimized before uploading them to your blog posts. Use alter tag and let the crawlers know about the images. Don’t use any copyrighted images in any post. In the case of using copyrighted images, change the background and paste the object in another backgroud, change the resolution of the image.

7) Crawler Error

Add your site to the webmaster tool. See if there any broken link. Check the tool if there any error message. Then remove the broken or error links from your blog. Take help from online tools to search broken links.

8) Stop Buying Backlinks

Stop buying backlinks from others. Now only backlinks can’t rank your blog in google. Your are wasting both your money and time by doing this. Invest your time and money to write quality posts.

9) Word Count Of The Article

Think about the word count of the posts. Now 500-1000 words is the standard word count. Big posts are friendly with the search engines but too big posts can irritate your readers.

10) Make Interlinks

Give your previous related post’s link in the article. It will help to stay visitors more time and improve your page rank. Interlinks also help crawlers to index your posts quickly.

My Last Word

I always suggest you to think as a visitor, at the time of writing any post. If you can gift them useful posts, your visitor will grow automatically. Always try to respond to the comments to make better relationships with your readers.

Thanks for reading. Keep visiting HelperBus.

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