Which Things Have to Check Before Buying a Second-Hand Mobile Phone ?

Today I came with a new post. In this post I will consult about which things is to check at the time of buying a second hand mobile phone.

Which Things Have to Check Before Buyinga Second-Hand Mobile or Smartphone

I think all of you have already understand what is “second hand”. So, I am not going to explain what is “second hand”. But when you buy any second hand thing, that may be a mobile phone keep this things in your mind.

Do not forget to take the bill

Take the original payment bill which was delivered from the shop at the time of buying the new phone. It is very important thing. You can know if the phone is not stolen from any one and take the bill because it may be sold by you in future detecting the originality of the bill. The other important thing is to know the EMEI number of the phone, it is in the payment bill.

Is this a stolen phone ?

Keep this question in your mind firstly when you are buying a second hand mobile phone because it is seen that many bad people hustle to sell the stolen phones. So bring the packet box. If he says “I have fling the box” then check the EMEI number by dialing “*#06#”. You can take help from online websites like imeidetective.com.

2 GB of Ram is Essential

Now, at this time 2 GB of ram is essential for all phones under Rs-10,000(INR) or $160. If it contain 1 GB of ram then it’s price is not higher than Rs-5,000(INR) or $80. Appreciate at the time of buying.

Examine the Hardwares Properly

Examine all the hardwares like processors, ram, GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), battery, card slots, sidebuttons, charging pin, headphone pin, data cable, headphone, charger, sensors, front and back cameras, loudspeaker, microphone, touch response, Screen’s pixel density.
You can search all the phone details from GSMArena.Com

What’s are the features ?

Turn on the phone and check this things – 3G/4G connectivity availability, bluetooth connectivity and its version, signal absorvation, OS, processor speed, wifi connectivity, external storage availibility, battery backup, sound quality, display’s color quality, screen resolution.
You can search all the phone details from GSMArena.Com.

Check The Warranty Card

Check the warranty card if warranty period remains.

Some Other Things

Do not buy it if it’s misbehaving. Do not buy the phone if it is older than near 1 year 3/4 months. Chech if it has the latest OS. Check it’s camera quality and if it contains auto-focus or touch-focus and face detection. Check does it hangs ? and its gaming performance.

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