What Are The Limitations Of A Blogger Account ?

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Limitations of A Blogger Account

Day by day, blogger is becaming more popular platform for newbie bloggers. Because it is very simple and any one can customize it quickly. It gives absolutely free hosting. Some of professional bloggers also use the blogger platform. But it has it’s own limitations. I am describing the limitations of a blogger account below…

How Many Blogs Can I Make Using One Blogger Account ?

Blogger gives the facility to make one hundred blog, which is too much for one blogger, using one blogger account. Every blogger makes atleast one blogger account and I do not think that a single blogger can manage 100 blogs at a time. So,100 blogs are too much.

How Many Posts Can I Publish In A Single Blog ?

Unlimited !! Oow !!
You can publish unlimited posts in a single blog. Posts will not be deleted unless you delete them manually. All posts will be saved on your account. Really, it is a very big offer.

What About The Size Of The Posts ?

Actually, there is no specific size limit. But do not publish very large(>2500 words) posts. It can be irritating for the readers.

How Many Pages Can I Create On A Single Blog ?

It is also unlimited !! There is no limit how many pages you create.

What About The Size Of Pages ?

Size of a single page is limited to 1 MB. It can allow for hundred of pages of text, but it may be a problem if you are showing hundreds of posts on the home page of your blog. When you will cross this limit, you will see the following error message –

“006 Please contact Blogger Support.”

You can solve this problem by decreasing the posts on your home page. It will also help to load your site faster.

How Many Comments Can Be Leaved In A Single Post ?

Unlimited number of comments can be leaved in a single post. In the case of archived posts, you can hide old/previous posts. Normally I saw less than 200 comments in a single post even in very big and high page ranked blogs.

How Many Pictures Can I Upload In A Whole Blog ?

Blogger gives upto 1 GB of space with Picasa Web, for blog pictures. But, If you have upgraded to Google+, then you are getting 15 GB of space from Google Drive and Gmail.

What Can Be The Size Of Pictures ?

If you are using the mobile application of blogger, you can upload individual pictures each upto 250 kb of size.

How Many Team Members / Workers / Authors Can I Add In A Single Blog ?

You can add upto one hundred team members / workers / authors in a single blog which is preety decent.

What About The Number Of Labels ?

You can make upto 2000 labels in each blog which is very large and you can add 20 labels in a single post.

What Are The Limitations On Blog Description ?

Blog Description is limited to 500 characters and you can not use any HTML codes in your blog description.

What Are The Limitations On “About Me” ?

“About Me” author information is limited to 1,200 characters.

What Are The Limitations On Profile Interests and Favorites ?

You can use upto 2,000 characters in a single field.

What Are The Limitations On Importing Blogs ?

Unlimited file size of blog can be imported. But you can not cross the limit of the number of import in a single day.

After all, I can tell this, Blogger is giving a large offer to all bloggers because it is totally free of cost. You can buy a custom domain and it will take your blog to the next level.

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