How to Varify Blogger/Blogspot Blog On Alexa [Detailed Tutorial]

How to Varify Blogger/Blogspot Blog on Alexa [Detailed Post]

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Now, all webmasters knows that Alexa is the best site ranking site on the web. All of us want to lower our site’s alexa rank. But that’s not so easy. To lower your alexa rank you have to get more and more visitor. But here is a fact. There is a alexa tool bar. If one install alexa tool bar on his/her web browser and then visits any site then he/she is similar to 10 visitors for his/her visited sites because alexa gives more importance to the alexa tool bar user than other visitors. Many newbie bloggers does not pay attention on alexa but it is very important for your blog’s ranking. So, let see how to varify a site on alexa….


The process is very simple and you have to varify your sites by some simple steps. Here I am describing these steps. Follow these steps…

How to Varify Blogger/Blogspot Site on Alexa ?

Step 1 : Go to this link –

Step 2 : Click on “Create An Account” and create an account by giving proper datas or if you have already created an account, then log in. You can also log in using your Facebook account.

Step 3 : After logging in click on “Claim Your Site” and then go to “Enter a Site URL“. Then enter your site URL (site address) and press continue button.


Step 4 : Then you will see three methods. Select the second method.


Step 5 : You will get some codes. Simply copy the codes.



How to Varify Your Blogger/Blogspot Site on Alexa using Codes ?

Step 1 : Log in to your Blogger account and go to template option from your blogger dashboard.

Step 2 : Click on “Edit HTML” and search this tag


using CTRL+F from your keyboard.

Step 3 : Now paste those codes which you got from alexa before this code and save your template.


Step 4 : Now return to the alexa’s site and click on “Varify my ID

Step 5 : Then you will get a message “Your site is successfully claimed“.


Now its done. You have successfully claimed your site or blog on alexa. I think all of you have understand these proccess. If you have any problem yet then write your problem on the conment box below.

An Extra Tips

As an extra tips here I am showing you

How to Add your Site info on Alexa ?

Site info(s) are like your site’s Name, Site Description, site address etc.

Step 1 : At first, go to Alexa ( and log in to your account.

Step 2 : Then go to dashboard and then “Site Management“. Then click on “Edit Site Listing“.


Step 3 : Now you will get a field. there fill up all the blanks with your site details and finnaly click on “Save Changes“.


Now you can check your site on alexa. You will see all details about your site which you have entered on alexa.

I hope you havn’t face any problem. If you have any question then tell it to comment box. I will try to fix your problem as soon as I can. Listen, It is very important to claim your site on Alexa. Dont neglect it. And yes, Do not forget to like our Facebook page to get more important post reminders on facebook.

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