How to Promote a Blogspot Blog ?

Now a days all bloggers are trying to get more and more visitors and huge traffic on their blogs. Your blog is valueless if you have no readers or very less reader. You can do some SEO for your blog to get more visitors from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

But here is the another way to get more visitor. It’s promoting your blog. When you will promote your blog, it will reach to more people, who can visit your blog. So, today what I take to you is –

How to Get More and More Visitors by Promoting Your Blog Using Blogger ?

Pic : How to Promote your Blog ?

Simply follow the steps below. (I am not giving any pictures because its very simple)

Step 1 : At first Log in to your Blogger Account.

Step 2 : Go to your Blogger Dashboard.

Step 3 : Go to “Settings” Tab and click on “Publishing”.

Step 4 : After clicking on Publishing chose “yes” from the options and save the settings.

Step 5 – Now go to “Archiving”

Step 6 – On “Enable Post Pages ?” select “yes” from the options. (This process will enable post pages)

Step 7 – Now click on “Basic” from “Settings”.

Step 8 – On “Add Your Blog to Our Listings ?” choose “yes” from the multiple options.

Thats it from Blogger Settings.

How to Promote Your Blog Using Various Techniques of Writing Blog Posts ?

No. 1 – Update your Blog regularly to get more visits. Try to publish atleast one post a day. People loves new things. When you will publish a new post, visitors will come to read that post.

No. 2 – Don’t stay all time with your own blogs. Keep reading other blogs related to your blog. Watch, if they publish any new thing which is unknown to you. Watch, if they publish any current news about your blog’s niche which you don’t know yet. Keep giving positive comments to their posts. Let the people know about your blog via commenting.

No. 3 – Use the suitable Labels for the posts.

How to Promote Your Blog Using Online Resources ?

No. 1 – Now a days there are many social networking sites on the web. Almost every peoples are joined to the social sites. Join with those social bookmarking sites to get more quality traffic to your blog. Some of the social bookmarking sites are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit, Instagram, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, SoundCloud, Linkdin etc. Make an account on these sites and start sharing your blog posts with peoples.

No. 2 – Make a Facebook Page for your blog. Share your every post as soon as possible after publishing. When people will see your post on their news feed, they will come to your blog to read that post. By these process you are getting more visitors.

No. 3 – There are many sites like Facebook who update their news feed. Submit your site to that kind of sites who updates news feed to get more traffic.

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