How to Embed a Poll on Blog Post ?

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All of us know that blogger is the best platform for newbie bloggers. Anyone can easily customize a blog on blogger. Day by day it is becoming more customizable.


Some time we need a poll on our blog post. Can be for voting or anything like that. So, today I came with the post –

How to Embed a Poll on Blog Post ?

To do this simply follow the steps below –

Step 1 – Go to google uncle and search for some poll making website. You can also go to PollDaddy, Toluna, EasyPolls etc.

Step 2 – After opening the poll makig site, create a account on that site to make a poll.

Step 3 – After making the account, log in to that poll making website.

Step 4 – Then search “create” or “Poll” or something like that to start creating a poll for your blog post.

Step 5 – Then some security check page will appear. Don’t be afraid. Just simply select any question and give the possible reason for that selected question.

Step 6 – After that search for “Save” or “Create poll” or something like that word.

Step 7 – Now create a poll. After creating a poll you will get a html code. Copy those codes.

Step 8 – Then Log in to Blogger

Step 9 – Now create a new post. Click on Html view and paste those codes which you have got from the poll making website.(paste those codes where you want to show the poll)

Step 10 – Give a Title of the post and hit the publish button.

Thats it.
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