7 Killer Tips To Reduce Your Alexa Rank Quickly [Must Watch]

7 Killer Tips To Reduce Your Alexa Rank Quickly


In the beggining lets know about Alexa

What is Alexa ?

Alexa is a cooperative site of the popular site Amazon. Alexa counts the total visitor of a site and on the basis of the visitors, it gives a country based and a global rank to the site.

What is The Importance of Alexa Ranking ?

Actually it shows the actual rank of any site in a country as well as worldwide. It indicates the standard of any website. So, if you want to make money with your blog then alexa rank is more important to you because advertisers will also check your site’s alexa rank to show advertises to your site.

Now a days, visitors also check any site’s alexa rank to know the standard and satisfaction of that site.

So, today I am giving you some killer tips to decrease your alexa rank quickly. Lets see…

Tip 1 : Claim Your site on Alexa

Site Claiming is must to rank any site on alexa. Because when one claim one’s site on alexa, alexa takes all the correct datas about that site and it enters that site into it’s ranking list.

Its very simple to claim any site on Alexa. You can read out this post –

“How to Varify Blogger/Blogspot Blog On Alexa [Detailed Tutorial]”

Tip 2 : Use Alexa Toolbar

Alexa mainly count those visitors who use alexa toolbar on their web-browser. Even I heard, one visitor who uses alexa toolbar is equal to 10 ordinary visitors who does not use toolbar. So, to reduce your alexa rank you must download the alexa toolbar and install it on your web-browser. You can also ask your visitors to download the alexa toolbar.

Tip 3 : Use Alexa Widget On Your Blog

In Alexa Ranking, Alexa widget is the another important thing. Add this widget to reduce your rank more faster. I think you have already noticed the alexa rank widget of HelperBus. Doesn’t you see ? It is in the bottom of this page.

Tip 4 : Keep Writting Posts On Alexa

As I am writting about Alexa, you also keep writting posts on alexa, because it’s the another effective way to reduce your blog’s rank. When you will write any post about alexa, people will read your post and then they will go to the alexa’s site. Its mean you are giving some backlinks to alexa’s site. Against this, alexa will reduce your rank.

Tip 5 : Attach Videos With Your Blog Posts

When you are publishing any tutorial post, try to make a tutorial video also and attach or embed that video with the posts. And also share those videos on social networking sites. Visitors loves videos. Because videos describes anything more and more and more than a blog post. Thousands of words can’t describe a thing which can be described by a single video. By this process visitors will see your videos and they will spend more time on your blog. It will compell to reduce your alexa rank.

Tip 6 : Make More Quality Backlinks

It is very important because it is not only for alexa ranking but also for google page ranking. You can google to find backlink making.

Tip 7 : Update Your Blog With Important And Very Usefull Posts Regularly

As a professional blogger you have to post regularly. When you publish any new post, your old visitor will return to read that new post. Never leave your blog for a couple of days because it can increase your rank. Maintain the regularity. Because

Regularity Is The Main Key to The Success.

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