How To Secure Your Blogspot Blog Using HTTPS ?

If you are a blogspot user, it is very important as well as very good news for you. Because today I will describe about https which google has recently added for blogspot user. Many of you are not well known about HTTPS, because its new feature of blogger.
What is HTTPS and How To Secure Your Blogspot Blog Using HTTPS ?

★ What is HTTP and HTTPS ?

HTTP’s fullform is Hyper Text Transfer Protocol and the fullform of HTTPS is Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. This is a security system developed by Netscape. Server’s datas can both encrypted and decrypted using HTTPS.

★ What is the benefit of HTTPS ?

HTTP is a normal web service by which one can browse the internet. Any third party can track your website’s position when you are using only HTTP, but on HTTPS is a fully secured service. When you are using HTTPS nobody can track your site’s position. It means the main aim of HTTPS is to fully secure your website.

HTTPS is already available for all self hosted websites but which people use blogger’s free hosting they waited a long time to get this feature. But there is a problem for blogspot Custom Domain user. Custom Domain users can still not get this feature. It is still unavailable for them. But I hope this feature will come very soon for custom domain user.

★ How to Enable HTTPS on my Blog ?

Here are the 3 simple steps –

1) Log in to your Blogger account.

2) Go to
Dashboard → Settings → Basic → HTTPS.

3) Click on Dropdown list and select Yes.

Thats all. You are done.

Now your site is fully secured.

If I made any grammatical mistakes please forgive me.

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