How to Root Android Phone Easily and Safely ?


In this post i will teach you how to root your android phone safely and very easily.

How to Root Android Phone Easily and Safely ?-HelperBus

 Now a days the word “root” became very popular. Root’s full name is Root User but became very popular people called it only root. The meaning of root access is giving you the hole control of your phone. You can do some expensive things like changing system font, hacking and cracking android games, knowing saved wifi password, taking screenshots and screen videos by rooting your phone. But if you dont root your phone properly it can harm your phone. So, I am showing you how to root you phone very simply and safely.

I am showing you 2 procedures one for using pc and the another is for them who have not pc namely who want to root using only their phones. So get started.

Procedure 1 :

★ At first open Google Play Store.

★ Then type “KingRoot” and hit search button.

★ Download the app, install and open KingRoot.

★ After opening the app click on “One Click Root” option.

★ Now KingRoot will take some time to check does your phone support root or not.

★ Then it will show you the result if your phone supports root then it will show you success or if your phone does not support root it will show unsuccessful.

★ If it will show success then your phone’s root is done. You did it.

Procedure 2 :

If you have a pc then i am suggesting you to root your phone using pc because it is much safer than the 1st procedure and you can root phones upto latest version of Android (6.0 Marshmallow).

★ At first download the pc version of KingRoot. (You can search google for KingRoot)

★ Open KingRoot.

★ Now turn on your phone’s developer option from Settings and enable Usb Debugging.

★ Then connect your phone with your pc using USB Cable.

★ After connecting it will download the driver automatically.(Keep your pc pre-connected with internet for downloading drivers).

★ After downloading and installing the driver disconnect your phone from pc and reconnect it.

★ Lastly, click on Root button. It can take upto 2-3 minutes. Wait and relax then it’s done.

★ Now click on Finish button.

Thats It.

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If you can’t root your phone yet, you can leave a comment below. I will try my best to help you.

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