How to Block Ads from Android ?

Hello friends. How are you ? I guess fine..

Today I am gonna giving a very important tips for all android users. I think all of you have already noticed that when your phone’s data connection is on, and then when you open any app you can see some irritating pop up ads. Some of ads cover the whole screen of your phone and Some of the ads shows “Your phone is infected with malicious viruses” or that kind of text. After showing that your phone start vibrating. It creates a very irritating disturbance. Some of the ads are from Google, you can see the text “google ads” in a corner of the ads. So today I am gonna fix that problem.

Note: To do it your phone must be rooted. Without root access it is impossible to block that ads.
Step 1: Turn on your phone’s data connection and open Google Play Store.

Step 2: Type “Adaway” and hit search button. When you found the app download it.

Step 3: Open the app. It will tell you to download some additional data files. Download those additional files.

After this step you can do it yourself. It is very simple. If you face any problem don’t forget to tell me at Facebook.

Thats all for this post. To get such a kind of usefull tricks visit HelperBus everyday and stay with us.

If I had made any grammatical mistakes please forgive me. My english is not very good. I am a new blogger so I am till learning.

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