20 Ways to Make Money Online

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Now I will show you 20 ways to make money online.

I written this post for those, who want to start freelancing newly.

20 Best Ways To Make Money Online

Here are the 20 ways

1) Make a blog or website like me about what you know.If visitors started come to your blog, you can show ads on your blog or website. You can use google adsense for making money online with your blog or site. Though now a days it is very tough to get approval for adsense but you can use other ad networks for making money.

2) You can make money by selling newsletter from Mailchimp. For this you have to search for subscriber who will pay for getting newsletter. NowIKnow and Launch.co are the good example.

3) Make a channel on Youtube and be a partner of youtube. Make interesting videos and upload them on youtube. Use Oneload to spread your videos. When people will view your videos you can make money by showing ads. You can also do affiliate marketing.(I will write a post about affiliate marketing in details, stay with HelperBus) You can also use adsense on your youtube channel.

4) Make something creative like handbag, jwellery painting, various handworks and you can sell these on Artfire or Ebay.

5) Make the designs of t-shirts using your computer and sell them on Threadless or Cafepress.

6) Make your own Online Store. You can use to buy a domain or on Shopify or Square. You can sell all things from foods to digital product.

7) You can write books on any subject and make money by publishing. You can use Kindle, Google or Ibook to publish your books.

8) You can join Udemy or Skillshare as a teacher. You can teach anything from guitar to yoga universally.

9) Learn coding and make softwares for selling them on online marketplaces like Guru, Elance, Upwork etc.

10) Make money by writing script like extension plugin and mobile apps (android). Sell this on Chupa, Codecanyon and Binpress.

11) Work as a virtual office assistance. You will get huge works on it on Taskrabbit or Upwork.

12) You can do simple computer works like data entry, transcrabbing or you can design visiting cards. Get this kinds of works on Mechanical Turk.

13) You can do creative works like Logo Designing, Graphics Designing. Work on 99designs or DesignCrowd.

14) If you can tell english fluently and your voice is really good then you can work on VoiceBunny or Voice123 as a voice artist.

15)You can work as a afiliator of Amazon using Visilink and Linkshare.

16) You can work as a tutor for helping students at Tutors.com or Tutorvista.

17) If you can capture great photos then you can sell those pictures on Istockphoto and Photodune.

18) Work as a reviewer. Review sites, write their pros and cons. You can got these works on Usertesting.

19) You can sell your website on godaddy auctions, sedo, flippa.

20) You can give anybody technical support online and he/she will pay you.

Oh now I am tired. I wrote this post after researching the web. I work only for you to make your life better. As you know I do not use any ads on HelperBus, I only want your support , so please comment me and stay with Helperbus. Please give like on our facebook page.Thanks and TaTa !!

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